Iraq denies the existence of an agreement on the demarcation of the Kuwaiti Iraqi border in exchange for dropping the debt

14/03/2012 09:41

Iraq's invasion of KuwaitBaghdad, March 14 (Rn) – denied Advisor to the President Federal Government Nuri al-Maliki today, Wednesday, and the existence of any agreement between the Prime Minister and the Kuwaiti side to bring down Iraq’s debt to Kuwait for Iraq’s agreement on the demarcation of the border, noting that the reports by some media devoid of Health. The media has picked up news that Kuwait had agreed with Baghdad to drop all the debt owed ​​by Iraq for the latter’s consent to the demarcation of the border with them, according to UN resolutions, adding that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, will sign this agreement officially during his visit to Kuwait . said Mariam Al Rais told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announced today that “the prime minister will discuss during his visit to Kuwait today’s issue of Iraqi debt and the demarcation of the border, noting that” does not exist any agreement between Iraq and Kuwait to demarcate the border for debt forgiveness, and these reports are baseless . ” and added that “there are assurances from the Kuwaiti side that will resolve all outstanding issues between the two countries,” indicating that “it will be during the visit, which will start from today.” The UN Security Council issued Resolution No. 833 in the year 1993, which provides for the demarcation border between Iraq and Kuwait, which has a length of 216 km through the formation of an international commission to demarcate the border between the two parties. From: Yazan al-Shammari, the Open: Fadi Zeidan