Association of private banks calls for an urgent meeting of the Central

To avoid the negative effects to the cause of Warka

Baghdad – Al Sabah 
called on the Association of Iraqi private banks, Central Bank of Iraq to the joint meeting of the circulation to the outcome of the Alamuralta concerning Warka Bank after the recent decision to impose trusteeship on it. 
came in a letter sent by the Association to the Central and got the (morning), a copy which confirmed the need to exchange views Alnzeroaydah the picture to stop the repercussions may worsen its impact on the banking system. 
and warned the Association of interventions points is not concerned with the honored banking, economic, and what has led to fabricate much fanfare unprecedented saying that it was necessary for the Association which is concerned with private banks that groping and identify the tower. 
In the opinion of the Association that the need requires careful consideration and no more than unity to influence the private banks, which started to appear on the transactions where and what might lead to a decline in the level of confidence in them at a time when everyone is seeking, along with the Central to give the lead to private banks in the process of contributing effectively to the achievement of development through this his involvement requires the strengthening of confidence in banks is not lost. 
The central bank has decided to put the custody of the Warka Bank with effect from 03.01.2012, which promised the Association of surprises and private banks, which 
caused the Ajalth. The effects of the Iraqi banking system as a whole and ominous Athsd them.