Maliki looking in a telephone conversation with Biden out of Iraq from Chapter VII and Syrian affairs

Date: Monday 12/03/2012 17:38

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, during a telephone conversation this evening, with Vice President Joe Biden out of Iraq from Chapter VII and Syrian affairs. 
A statement by Maliki’s office has received the Agency (Yalabaria news) a copy of it on Monday: Prime Minister received a phone call from Vice President Joe Biden was the handling various affairs of the region. 
The statement added that the prime minister renewed the call to intensify efforts to find peaceful solutions to problems and crises faced by many countries of the region. 
On the situation in Syria, the statement noted: that al-Maliki said his opposition to violence and the use of power as a way to resolve the crisis, reiterated his rejection of attempts to bring weapons to Syria from any party whatsoever, adding: The tightening of procedures and the development of the common border under close surveillance but is in line with the policy of Iraq’s efforts to dry the violence and bloodshed of the Syrians. and boot to find a peaceful solution. 
He noted the statement A: Vice President Joe Biden stressed his country’s rejection of the weaponization of all parties in Syria, and expressed the U.S. willingness to support Iraq’s efforts to emerge from Chapter VII resolution of the problems that prevent this, including the issues between Iraq and Kuwait. / Finished / 4. Q. P