Studying international defense contracts for the importation of fighter jets and sources confirm: Iraq prefer Prague on Washington

10/03/2012 13:27

Baghdad / Orr News

Department of Defense is considering a range of specialized international contracts in the procurement of fighter aircraft to enhance the capabilities of the military aspects of the air, while informed sources revealed that Iraq would prefer to Prague and Washington in the armament contracts.

He said ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, “The Ministry is currently working on the study of all offers made to them in the field of combat aircraft, especially after the visit of a group of European countries specialized in manufacturing fighter aircraft.”

“The ministry has not been resolved until now with any other party will contract,” explaining that “The ministry will receive 18 aircraft fighter F-16, the first of the contract signed with the American side.”

In the meantime, a source close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that there are agreements with the Czech side in order to sign contracts summed up the training and capacity building of the Iraqi army in the kinds of job of it. The source, who declined to be named, that there are other contracts in the fields of education, recent studies in order to develop Iraqi cadres.

The source pointed out that the Prague major concern by some Iraqi politicians, saying they preferred to deal in contracts in different areas, comes this – according to the source – at a time when questioned by many parties and noted there are suspicions hovering around some of the ministries, especially Ministry of Defence.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has signed with the Czech Republic several joint cooperation agreements relating to defense and security, including the purchase of military aircraft L159 . The Czech Republic has an embassy in Baghdad, as well as some companies interested in the restoration and maintenance of monuments and other oil facilities in various parts of Iraq. Squadron and the source information for dissatisfaction with the U.S. administration on some contracts, particularly in the areas of exchange of experiences and capacity building.

The source pointed out that he was expected to go these deals for the U.S. Treasury but the low prices of the contracts Czech attract the Iraqi side of the signing of contracts alternative with Prague. The source said that is the development experiences of the Iraqi army raises the ire of the U.S. administration, pointing out that the sharp differences may arise between the parties.

The source explained that the details of the capacity building and training agreed with the U.S. side in the post-withdrawal, but the papers mixed up – according to the source – and things have become complicated after that came out of America’s Iraq.

The Czech Republic declared that “Iraq is interested in buying aircraft, 159 combat, which are manufactured,” and revealed that the “round of negotiations on this issue will take place in the Iraqi capital Baghdad after two weeks,” pointing out that “it is able to deliver these aircraft to Iraq immediately after the signing of the contract