Your vote: Did Maliki win the votes of the army and the police?!

Your vote: Did Maliki win the votes of the army and the police?!

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Prime Minister Nuri al-MalikiBAGHDAD / Mustafa Habib

Hundreds of thousands of elements of the Iraqi army and police cast their ballots in the provincial elections during your vote, but the majority of the political blocs consider fear to their results, because forecasts indicate that for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the lion’s share in it.

Various political blocs affiliations already know that elements of the army and police loyal to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, or are afraid of it, which is what makes them give their votes to him. Prime Minister is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, but opponents contend that al-Maliki overdone and powers in exploiting this position seven years ago to buy the loyalty of the army and police.

“Special ballot” to elements of the army and police has been allocated for (720.443) voters and military prisoners and patients in hospitals, which as usual never suffrage for all Iraqi civilians who will be next Saturday in 12 provinces out of 18 provinces Arab after it was postponed voting in Mosul, Anbar and Kirkuk , as well as the failure to extend the three provinces of Kurdistan.

Several officers confirms that the pressure brought to bear on them to select the list of the prime minister, but others said that the officers of the owners very popular among the military. He says one of the officers he works in the eighth division of the Iraqi army that “first we applied pressure is obligatory election while there was a lot of members of our unit does not want to participate in the ballot but the fear of punished or conveyed forced to participate.” He adds the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution that “Mrúsina of military commanders asked us directly or indirectly elected prime minister and the list told us his list sequence number.”

Once the date of the special voting ended at five o’clock last Saturday afternoon, even recorded many of the political blocs and organizations involved in election monitoring, many electoral violations. Electoral Commission is the executive body responsible for the conduct of elections acknowledged receipt of 100 complaints after the election ballot, and at the same time stressed that all complaints “green” does not live up to the large breaches.

The head of the electoral administration in Mekdad Sharifi Commission that “the vote of the army and military police were well without an election or security breaches large.” The problem posed by the military vote is that many of the political blocs confirms that elements of the army and police are now loyal to Prime Minister and the person they see as the sole leader, he gives them their salaries and privileges, in addition to that gained great popularity among the military.

This is confirmed by an officer with the rank of captain in the federal police forces deployed in the province of Babylon, and say, rejecting anonymity for lack of authorization to declare that “Maliki is the best prime minister, thanks to him we were able to defeat terrorism and eliminate the militias.” And do not forget this officer talk about the privileges enjoyed by the leaders of the army and police salaries, and financial allocations, special protections and free housing.

Some of the parties participating in the elections is already aware of this matter and warn of danger being paid to pushing the work in politics. Says the head of the People’s Party ultra-Sheikh “Unfortunately, the majority feel that associate appointed in the military like to give them honor do not deserve it, and this feeling is a compression tool for them in the elections.”

Sun Network on monitoring the electoral processes in Iraq, many of the violations recorded during the special ballot, most notably the military voters came to the polling stations accompanied by a responsible officer tracks the performance of the vote, which is considered a constitutional violation of the freedom of the voter to cast his vote or abstain from voting. Says Director of Sun Network in Baghdad, Hussein Ibrahimi said that “numerous violations to the extent that senior officers directed voters to vote for specific lists, in addition to depriving hundreds of voting for technical reasons.”

Tammuz organization concerned is the other election monitoring recorded the same violations, says the president of the organization Vian Sheikh that “the survival of the military ballot boxes full week without counted and sorted raises the concern of potential replacement funds.”

In spite of the reduction of the value of this Commission complaint but the problem lies in the fact that the process of counting military votes would wait weeks to the ballot until a year and are counting the ballot boxes together. Says a member of the mass citizen Abdul-Hussein Abtan The survival of the ballot boxes full week increases the chances of manipulation by replacing other funds or open-end funds and new electoral papers in favor of a political bloc. ”

Despite the fact that some MPs accuse explicitly al-Maliki and his coalition of “state law” so, but the majority do not declare it in the media for fear of targeting. Says MP from the bloc “free” of the Sadrist movement Ali al-Tamimi that monitors mass spotted cases of force elements of the army and police for the election of a specific list in Karbala, Najaf and Basra and Babel. ”

Iyad Allawi, the former prime minister a Grimm Maliki, announced before the date of the special ballot he got the information from officers in the army that the pressure brought to bear on them to pay affiliates to choose a specific list, was charged with channel “Iraq,” the official using the potential for al-Maliki.

Voting on the election results will reveal what it will al-Maliki and his rivals of the vote, and the announcement will not pass without heated debates that could take months to challenge or claim re-counting or even call for a re-vote.