“Wikileaks” scandal reveals Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani secret with Paul Bremer?!!

“Wikileaks” scandal reveals Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani secret with Paul Bremer?!!


Palm – WikiLeaks revealed a new scandal of scandals Iraqi politicians ruling regarding transfer U.S. civil administrator Paul Bremer sum of one billion, four hundred million dollars to the Kurdistan region, pointing out that they were divided between President Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani did not act on the Kurdish people.

The document Almorgh showed on 23 June 2003, the U.S. administrator of Iraq Paul Bremer to transfer these amounts, one of the pre-war oil revenues to Kurdistan, and gave it to President Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani.

The document referred to the report, “the Christian Aid” which said despite the loss of $ 20 billion but the strangest thing is the distribution of $ 2 billion before the transfer of sovereignty two days and thought that this amount is part of it, indicating that the securities of the class hundred dollars were all new. Arrived wrapped in plastic and packed in wooden boxes weighing 15 tons, enough to fill three U.S. military helicopters and a whole, one billion and 400 hundred million U.S. dollars.

In the process did not know about one, and reached U.S. helicopters to Erbil loaded with cash during the last days of the Coalition Provisional Authority of America, and the American forces were at the airport in Irbil to empty the money and borne under maximum security to Bank city center of Arbil, where the document said Rashid Taher, director of financial Erbil confirmed saying yes We have received money in cash from Paul Bremer at the airport!!!

She explained that after the arrival of the money, the finance ministers of the provinces of Kurdistan, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah Baksmth according to the size of their population. Erbil won $ 798 million and Sulaymaniyah received $ 602 million as the Kurdish officials said was quoted share Sulaymaniyah road through the mountains to the protection of the Peshmerga.

It confirmed that the money did not go to the reconstruction of the two provinces or create service projects, but I went to the secret accounts of Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani, who invested amounts in major projects in the field of oil and energy and communications.