Washington know what is happening in Iraq and a possible Obama intervention to resolve the political problems

Politicians: Washington know what is happening in Iraq and a possible Obama intervention to resolve the political problems

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Iraq and a possible Obama intervention to resolve the political problemsTomorrow Press / Baghdad: still an issue storming prisons, Abu Ghraib and Taji in the 21 of last July, a source of concern for many is not only the fact that fugitives from senior leaders of al-Qaeda, but because of the political differences had a significant impact on the security file Iraqi who witnessed the episode continued coordinated attacks car bombs hit most cities in the country and claimed the lives of dozens and ended stormed the prisons. this up paying some to demand from the administration of U.S. President Barak Obama clicking on Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take practical steps with the political parties for the provision of support and rehabilitation and training to Iraqi forces. , as seen newspaper and Ashtun Post in an editorial on Thursday, the first of August now, “that the Obama administration pressure on al-Maliki and the requirement by taking certain actions in return to support him with arms and rehabilitation and training the U.S., and other than this, the extremists in Iraq would be a problem for the security of the U.S..” The newspaper added that the “Vice-Chancellor of U.S. President Barack Obama, in time for National Security Affairs, Denis McDonough, he had said, during his speech for the decision to withdraw troops permanently in October 2011 what we aspire to is a secure, stable and supported himself, and this is what we got, so There is no doubt that this was a success. ” While sees Iraqi lawmakers that the U.S. government aware of what is happening in Iraq of an upsurge in violence in the country, especially in the recent period, because of the intersections between the political blocs in addition to the current events in Syria, which calls on the U.S. administration to maintaining security in Iraq. and رجحوا the U.S. President clicking on the Maliki government to improve its relationship with all its partners in the political process, and even demanded the United States to speed up the arming of the Iraqi army, and work together with Iraqi institutions Naveen intervention of American troops to establish security in Iraq. says MP the Kurdistan Alliance, both Talabani for “tomorrow Presse”, “The U.S. government aware of escalating violence in Iraq and the movements of terrorist forces and what happens bombings and drop the file security as a result of the reports provided by the embassy in Baghdad for the overall events that get the political and security.” adds Talabani “The front of the U.S. administration a great responsibility for maintaining Iraq, stability and security, especially with the U.S. concerns about what is happening from terrorist acts and the deterioration of the security situation in all Iraqi provinces.” It was the European Union condemned on the 29th of July, 2013, terrorist acts taking place in Iraq since the beginning of month of Ramadan, calling on political leaders to create a political environment to reduce the cycle of violence and called Iraqi political leaders to work together to create a stable political environment and efforts to put an end to the spiral of violence service for the Iraqi people. stresses Talabani that “demand pressure the Obama administration on al-Maliki is to improve relations with the political blocs because these relationships have a significant role in the security file, and thus find administration White House that it is necessary to resolve all political disputes. ” indicate Talabani to “bring the Abu Ghraib prison and the flight of some of the prisoners has to do side intelligence does not bear ill-armament of these forces and therefore what you want the Obama administration is to restore relations between the political blocs to normal because of its impact on the internal security situation. ” and was one of the defense lawyers for Saudi prisoners in Iraq confirmed, in the first of August 2013, and confirmed the defense counsel for the Saudis on the first of August 2013, that the return of 45 prisoners Saudis to their country conditional visit of the Saudi delegation, which was scheduled to visit Baghdad a month ago, indicating that the decision to release them was by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. and followed Talabani that “part of the process of providing security has to do with arming the army, which linked to the relations between the political blocs and nature, and therefore subject political demonstrations that have taken place also has its effects, as well as the situation in Syria, which has a big role in the increase in acts of violence. ” For his part, says MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati said that “the United Nations partner basis of Iraq, according to security agreement strategy that requires the provision of support for him in terms of experiences and reinforcement, “stressing that” Iraq is currently facing fierce attack and open war led by the terrorist forces should be on the Americans to help Iraq out of this crisis. ” adds Al-Bayati for “tomorrow Press,” that “Iraq needs to genuine cooperation with the United States to avoid security breaches that you get, “adding that” political differences as possible be resolved through constitutional institutions, but more importantly is arming the army to confront terrorism. ” and asserts that “a natural partnership between Iraq and the United States spend on the U.S. side to expedite the strengthening defenses Iraq, which suffers from the loss of aircraft aerial photography and Apache F-16, but until this moment we hear all the promises from the Americans did not receive the devices to combat terrorism. ” and stresses Bayati that “the Iraqi constitution prohibits the use of arms in front of the Interior, and the Americans forming operations room to fight terrorism,” He denied that “there is an intention to enter the U.S. in order to establish security in Iraq, but what we need is expert and technology.” shows Bayati said “terrorist groups do not target Iraq alone, but threatens all countries in the region and the region in stability and security.” as promised Foreign Ministry spokeswoman American Mary هارف in a press statement on Thursday briefed them “tomorrow’s Press,” “targeting innocent people in Iraq in order to sow confusion is not likely and reprehensible,” adding that “the month of July was the deadliest since the year and 2008 and the majority of the Iraqi people reject and refuse perpetrators” . demanding هارف as “a political dialogue to resolve tensions”, expressing “support for her country’s position strong for many of the political and religious leaders against violence.” turn accuses the MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, some political blocs to provide cover and Alhawwazn to al-Qaeda in order to perform operations terrorist attacks in several regions of the country, and stressed that some of them have extensive relationships with some tribes sympathetic to al-Qaeda, while wondering about how to get the rule to all this money into Iraq. adds Alziod in a statement received “tomorrow’s Press,” a copy of “some of the political blocs have links with al-Qaeda and are intermediaries between the organization and the financiers to him, “asserting that” these have extensive relationships with some tribes sympathetic to al-Qaeda operating Khawwadhan him. ” refers Alziod that “political money, money laundering, two of the fund al-Qaeda operations , “and wondered” Otherwise, where it comes from all that money to al-Qaeda to Iraq, said there was no easy entry into Iraq. ” The United Nations in Iraq, confirmed Thursday that about 3383 people had been killed and wounded during the terrorist attacks that hit Iraq during last July, and drew the numbers of dead and wounded very large compared to Aban Alguettal sectarian, while stressed the need for immediate and decisive action to stop the bloodshed. and hit Iraq during the month of July bombings were the deadliest since 2008, but the 28 of July, witnessed alone bombings more than twenty car bomb and improvised explosive devices in Baghdad, Basra, Muthanna, Wasit, Samarra, Salahuddin claimed the lives of dozens of dead and wounded in the attacks seem organized and coordinated at one time, targeted mostly gatherings for construction workers and markets popular. noteworthy that gunmen attacked the night of the 21 of July present, prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji simultaneously, which led to the chaos caused escape of 500 to 1,000 prisoners, according to a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Zamili governor.