Washington: keep Iraq democratically partner will make it more useful for us and the region

Washington has confirmed that the program President Barack Obama at its new presidential focuses on strengthening the partnership with “democratic Iraq,” emphasizing that maintaining this approach will make it “more useful” to the United States and the region.

said Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Melia in response to a question by ” Alsumaria News “that” President Barack Obama will continue in its approach, keen to keep Iraq partner democratically effective for the United States, “pointing out that” this approach will make Iraq more useful for the United States and the region. “ said Melia through dialogue conducted with a limited number of media to the table round, Wednesday, in the embassy building in Baghdad, that “Washington still believes that the best friends have are democratic countries,” adding that “the promotion of human rights and economic prosperity in Iraq will contribute positively to the region.”

renewed Melia stressed that “the U.S. president Barack Obama will begin his duties officially in December next, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will retire from work in the government in the same month, pending the appointment of a new Minister of Foreign Affairs. “

and renewed the United States, in the (November 14, 2012), its position to support and develop its relations with Iraq, while confirming support of U.S. President Barack Obama and Iraq’s unity, stability and seek to double support at the military and scientific.

ended the United States formally presence in Iraq on 31 December 2011 after nine years of invasion of its military in 2003, and the overthrow of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein , the decision of former U.S. President George W. Bush.

noteworthy that Thomas Melia works as assistant to U.S. Secretary of State in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, which is responsible for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour in Europe, including Russia and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.