Washington is preparing to hand over Baghdad’s weapons of $ 4 billion

Washington is preparing to hand over Baghdad’s weapons of $ 4 billion granted “deterrent force” internal and external

15/08/2013 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Press-term

U.S. Government announced all taken the necessary preparations to sell Iraq weapons and military equipment and spare parts worth more than four billion dollars at the beginning of the other deals wider, while among experts that such equipment “strengthen ties” between the two countries, and constitute a kind of “protection against multiple types of internal threats The State of Iraq, “and that the Iraqi army began” a transitional stage to take on the task of external defense of the country “, others felt that Iraq” began due to the early stage of the outbreak of the civil war. ”
This came on the subject published by Defense News, Defense News Military News, Tuesday, and seen by (Presse term). The Web site said, “The U.S. government is preparing to sell weapons and military equipment and spare parts worth billions of dollars to prop up Iraq,” noting that it comes at “a time when the Baghdad government an internal battle with the return of a new operations base at the same time trying to secure its western border of attempts infiltration of militants circuit war in Syria, with the possibility of Iran’s possession lying along the eastern border of a nuclear weapon. ”
The Web site, that “since the 25th of July 2013, informed the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) Congress for a bargain sales of foreign military in Iraq reaches a value of more than four billion dollars and include everything from wheels move infantry to missiles – Joe defense.”
Quoted Defense News, for a military officers الأميريكي, saying that in “the time that hardly constitute these deals of military equipment, logistics and maintenance materials shift is small, there are dozens of other deals worth billions of dollars on the way.” The Web site quoted experts Americans as saying that “this can be considered sales of arms, looking at the issue in general, as a protection against multiple types of internal and external threats,” مبينين that “most of these threats that still exist, is a series of al-Qaeda attacks on multiple targets in Baghdad and other areas which led to the deaths of hundreds of Iraqis. ”
Said Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Studies of strategic and international, according to the site Defense News, said that “Iraq has begun due back at the beginnings of the emergence of the civil war,” pointing out that “the focus of procedure now began to focus in the face of armed conflict with the law and the fight against terrorism.”
Cordesman added, according to the site, that “the recent announcement of a deal to sell air defense systems to Iraq may be useful against potential external threats,” adding, “but the dominant problems in Iraq now are those related to its stability and internal security.”
The Pentagon said in its recommendation to Congress on a package of air defense systems, also reported the site, that this “systems will provide Iraq the ability strengthen his defense territorial airspace and reduce the risk of exposure to air strikes,” returned it “also contribute to strengthening the capacity of joint operations between the Iraqi government and the U.S. with the rest of the Allies. ”
He said Anthony Cordesman, also said the site, that “the sales of these types of weapons work to strengthen ties between the United States and Iraq and give Iraq options to create a deterrent force and these routines useful,” adding, “but this does not mean that these weapons could reshape the power is relatively weak. ” According to expert military Nora Pincahil of the Center for Security Alomerreqi talk, as the relocation of Defense News, that these “sales may refer to the fact that the Iraqi army had begun a transition from being focused on internal security to the stage of taking the task of external defense of the country, even if it a permanent difficulty in achieving a balance for the Iraqis. ”
They believed Pincahil, that “the recent deals involving helicopters and personnel carriers that will provide for the Iraqi army a lot of versatility,” She added that “the kinds of capabilities that can be provided by these weapons can be invested is also focusing on achieving internal security, because carriers of movement of pedestrians The helicopter can be used locally while providing protection from external threats. ”
The Inspector General U.S. program the reconstruction of Iraq, said last July that Iraq submitted 479 applications for military equipment worth about $ 15 billion, while between the value of trades funded U.S. for Iraq up to $ 850 million, he said that the approval ” has not yet been “on the integrated air defense system requested by Iraq to the need for” a series of approvals “by the U.S. State Department.
The Iraqi defense minister agency, Saadoun al-Dulaimi, said in an interview to the (Presse term), last June, that Iraq will receive the first meal of the F-16 aircraft the U.S. end of the current year 2013.