Washington confirms the approval of Baghdad to grant legal immunity to soldiers in Iraq

Washington confirms the approval of Baghdad to grant legal immunity to soldiers in Iraq

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 09:38

Washington confirms the approval of Baghdad to grant legal immunity to soldiers in Iraq[Follow-up – where]

The United States confirmed receiving assurances from Iraq that U.S. special operations forces, which President Barack Obama is sending to Iraq will enjoy legal immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts possible in the event of wrongdoing claim the lives of civilians.

The agency all of Iraq [where] has reported yesterday, quoting media sources that “the Iraqi government agreed to grant legal immunity for U.S. soldiers exceptional fighter in the terrorists.”

Obama has announced last Thursday that he would send up to 300 U.S. military adviser to Iraq for non-combat roles and will examine specific strikes on terrorist gangs Daash.

The spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department Marie Harff said Monday that “the agreement will give soldiers protection similar to those enjoyed by workers U.S. diplomatic mission in Baghdad.

She Harff “Our soldiers will enjoy legal protection they need to carry out their mission,” expressing “satisfaction of the country has received assurances from the Iraqi government in this regard.”

For his part, White House spokesman told reporters that “the supreme commander of our armed forces will not make a decision that puts our men and women in harm’s way without getting some assurances necessary.”

The U.S. government has asked for immunity in the case in 2011 to retain the limited U.S. force in Iraq after the U.S. military Anhsab but Iraq refused to grant such immunity that prevents the Iraqi judiciary accountable when U.S. soldiers committing crimes so warrant.

For her part, the U.S. Department of Defense [Pentagon] said on Monday that it “hopes that the U.S. forces can improve guest U.S. intelligence was still not clear about the situation in Iraq, including the type and amount of U.S. weapons made captured by [Daash of the Iraqi army.”.

A Pentagon spokesman, Col. Steve Warren that “so far there is no evidence that the gunmen took control of the US-made sophisticated weapons but it is likely they seized small arms and possibly US-made Humvee vehicles.”

The Washington announced the approval of Baghdad granted immunity for their military advisers in Iraq after the visit of Foreign Minister John Kerry yesterday to Iraq, who held a series of meetings with leaders of the Iraqis and stressed turn during a press conference on “the need to accelerate the formation of an inclusive government grouping all spectra of the Iraqi people and a commitment to Palmdd time in formation through the first session of the parliament. ”

Iraq’s security and said Kerry “must understand the mistakes that happened and what is the risk Daash Therefore we must make sure that the Iraqi army trained and equipped so well in the face of challenges.”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi army moved away from the battlefields allowed to Daash access in cities such as Mosul and President Obama is considering the capabilities of the Iraqi army has previously announced that it is now ready for direct military intervention in Iraq, but if needed, may be making some important decisions. Without specifying about the nature of those decisions. ended