Washington at bay after Baghdad asked Russian support

Washington at bay after Baghdad asked Russian support

Sunday 25 October 2015 | 18:10

Washington at bay after Baghdad asked Russian supportBAGHDAD / .. in the previous first of its kind under the media credibility of the US Pentagon’s powerful slap caused by the position of Baghdad, which came exactly the opposite of what was narrated from Chief of Staff of the US military, “Joseph Dnford” during his visit to the Kurdistan region and announced through obtaining guarantees to ensure not Baghdad request military intervention by Russia in the war against Daash.

Where Baghdad’s decision came at a critical stage of the deterioration of US-Russian relations, which have worsened on the back of the Iraqi position, which like itself alarm bell warning of the growing gap between the two parties, while exposed to the US administration to severe confusion within the corridors because of the very different internal US position divided between those who accuse the Bush administration of failing and another weak.

This comes at a time more than the Russia of its influence in the Middle East regions capacity by expanding its military operations in the main forces Daash centers in Iraq and Syria, while the United States asserts uninterrupted Russian attacks do not target the terrorist organization as far as targeting militant factions which it describes ” moderate “support of the Syrian regime, which made the relationship of the two countries in an unprecedented deterioration since the days of the Cold War of the last century.

Recalls that Dnford had announced earlier that he had received assurances from Baghdad personally confirm that the recent quest to ask for military recruitment of Russia, in contrast formal announcement now, MAP network, “International Business Times” after Baghdad’s decision to be the official cast is seeking guarantees instead of winning it and the announcement which was received earlier in the week, as confirmed by the occurrence of the US administration in a very awkward paid to change the previous official announcement in order to Aluge.anthy water 5