Vice reveals the reasons for the failure of the parliamentary passage of the election law

Vice reveals the reasons for the failure of the parliamentary passage of the election law and indicating the presence of a new problem of counting and sorting

10.02.2013 18:42

reason for the failure to pass the election law in Iraq{Baghdad: Euphrates News}
MP for the mass citizen Hassoun Fatlawi that the “reason to postpone the vote on the election law in the parliament session on Thursday came at the request of the Kurdistan Alliance.”
He told {Euphrates News} that “the Kurdistan Alliance request to postpone the hearing after receiving contact from Arbil on it.”
and between Fatlawi that “the meeting of the heads of blocs managed to solve a lot of controversial issues on the law while there are other issues not agreed upon by including automatic counting of the votes. ”
and added that “blocks the Iraqi List and a coalition of state law and the mass of citizens stressed that the counting centers in receipt while insisting blocks the Liberals and virtue, and the Kurdistan Alliance to be counting in polling stations and centers of receipt has not been reached formula accepted by all parties in this regard. ”
The House of Representatives decided to postpone its meeting to tomorrow, Thursday, after announcing that earlier in the day to vote on the election law Wednesday evening. noted that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives may be identified in a parliamentary session earlier to be a hearing on tomorrow, Thursday, final and conclusive on the vote on the election law and passed after it has been postponed more than once. scheduled to witness the month of May of next year to hold the next parliamentary elections after resolving differences existing between the forces and the political blocs on the electoral law and the mechanism of calculating the vote, and the system of hoped to follow in terms of menus and constituencies. ended 2