US report: Baghdad’s control of Kirkuk shattered Barzani’s dream .. did not expect that

US report: Baghdad’s control of Kirkuk shattered Barzani’s dream .. did not expect that

2017/10/17 12:35

US report - Baghdads control of Kirkuk shattered Barzanis dream - did not expect thatBaghdad today – follow-up

The Iraqi army’s control of oil-rich Kirkuk has shattered the Kurds’ dream of an independent state at least in the near future. The new entity also faces strong opposition from Iran, Turkey and the Arab states, according to a report by the Center for Middle East Studies in Washington.

“Baghdad and Erbil can reach a compromise for the Kurdish crisis through negotiations after the end of the military operation in Kirkuk,” the center said in a report published on Monday evening.

The report revealed the existence of “an error in the calculations by both parties on the basis that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, expected to retreat Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani for the project of Kurdistan, moving towards Kirkuk yesterday, while the provincial president did not expect to resort to Baghdad Military solution “.

“Assuming that the military operation in Kirkuk is limited and will not develop into a long Arab-Kurdish conflict, Baghdad and Erbil need to begin planning for the future,” the report said.

“Now, amid Arbil’s desire for secession and Baghdad’s insistence on Iraq’s unity, there can be political and constitutional arrangements that will be a field of research between the two sides when they sit together to negotiate their future relations.”

The report also said that Erbil would not be able to establish an independent entity without Iran’s approval, given Tehran’s wide security and political influence in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

The conclusion of the report: “For Iran, the establishment of an independent Kurdish state means the existence of an entity of Israel on its borders .. Israel has confirmed this trend because it is the only country that supported the referendum for the separation of the Kurdistan region from Iraq.