US newspaper: Tehran first player in Iraq and Obama plan ridiculous

US newspaper: Tehran first player in Iraq and Obama plan ridiculous against  Daash

Posted 06/11/2014

US newspaper - Tehran first player in Iraq and Obama plan ridiculousPromised a US newspaper, that President Barack Obama’s plan, seeking to “defeat Daash” caused by reasons “ridiculous”, because his administration is “handed over Iraq to Iran about effective,”

While considered that Tehran has become the first player in Iraq, and they hamper the Iraqi government’s efforts to arm the Sunni tribes, and “take advantage of the maximum position” of the crisis (Daash) only exclusive to their advantage, confirmed that Washington is currently constrained by the pressure that could be exerted on the size of Iran, because they are trying to sign a nuclear agreement with them now.

The newspaper said the Business Insider Business Insider, In a report, seen by the (long-Presse), said that “President Obama’s plan to train 20 thousand element of the Iraqi army, integrating elements of the Sunni tribes in the new National Guard troops, may collide with a difficult start is in three key areas,” usually that ” The first is related to the many details of the training program is still under study and that the formation of the National Guard troops will not be six months from now before the lower estimates. ”

The newspaper added, “The second point related to constantly deteriorating security situation in Iraq,” noting that “Daash extend its control over accounted for 80 percent of Anbar province, killing hundreds of elements of tribal resistance to him, while the elements of Shiite militias, which supports Iran some of them, exploiting the case of fighting against the organization to carry out reprisals against Sunni ingredients. ”

Insider explained, that “the third point, which would hinder the pace of the US program, is Iran, which continues to represent a major obstacle where use its influence to prevent the Iraqi government of arming the Sunni tribes.”

And the movement of Business Insider, Retired in the former Iraqi Army Brigade, and a Fellow of the University of Washington for National Defense Currently, Najim al-Jubouri, as saying that “Iran, not the United States, is the first player currently in Iraq,” noting that “Iran believes that the Sunni fighters may turn to militias fighting in favor of sons that component, so do their utmost to stop the current US strategy in Iraq. ”

And saw the newspaper, that “the problems facing the Obama plan to defeat Daash, resulting from the ridiculous reasons, because the administration is that Iraq handed over about an effective Iran, as a way to pull its troops out of it and keep the stability of the country”, usually that “the opposite has happened during the years that followed the withdrawal of US forces, as a result continue to support the previous government, headed by Nouri al-Maliki, authoritarian and backed by Iran. ”

The newspaper quoted, for US official, Ali Khaddara, who served as “the longest continuous period” in Iraq, for the period from 2003 to 2009, saying that “America’s support for its continued Maliki government the second in December of 2010, have made it directed Iraq toward civil war something inevitable already. ”

He Khaddara, according to the newspaper, that “went Maliki was then led towards Baghdad Iranian sectarian agenda ultimately led to the marginalization of the Sunni Arabs and the denial of access to their rights for the second time.”

He accused the US official, Obama circuit as “betrayed the pledges made by the US government to the leaders of the Sunni tribes who fought previously alongside troops against al-Qaeda, the predecessor Daash, during the US invasion of Iraq,” he continued that the “same clan you need the United States now, you may their children were slaughtered or control them by militants organize Daash, who reorganized their forces with the help of former elements of Saddam’s regime, at a time when al-Maliki worked to attract the country’s sectarian “.

While the Director of the Office of the New York Times, in Baghdad, Tim Arango said, as the newspaper reported, “The United States has ignored after the year 2011, about Iraq’s large,” returned to “American officials when they were talking about Iraq, they are often oblivious the truth. ”

She Business Insider, That “the Obama administration restricted the pressure that could be exerted on Iran size, because they are trying to sign a nuclear deal with it now,” and concluded that “Iran is exploiting the maximum position Daash crisis only exclusive to their advantage, while Iraq and Syria burns on one side and trying to White House to reach a nuclear agreement with Tehran on the other side. ”

The Iraqi Council of Ministers, decided at its first meeting, which was held in, (the ninth of September 2014), to prepare a draft establishment of National Guard troops and organizing the subject of volunteers from the popular crowd law, to perform in two weeks, as was the most prominent point in the document the political agreement between the blocks Parliamentary participate in a “national unity government” focuses on the formation of a national guard system of all the sons of the province as a generic army and police.