US newspaper says Iraq earned $ 550 billion in oil and now suffers Bankruptcy

US newspaper says Iraq earned $ 550 billion in oil and now suffers Bankruptcy

Tuesday 5 April 2016 | 17:11

US newspaper says Iraq earned 550 billion in oil and now suffers BankruptcyBAGHDAD / .. announced Alvachal Times reported the US that Iraq may Asthsal to nearly US $ 550 billion between 2006 to 2014, imports from the sale of oil during the reign of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

And confirmed to the newspaper, through its economic analysis translated “appointed Iraq News”, that “the amount Almsthsal puts Iraq at his home to make it immune to bankruptcy as if it was its oil exports to a crash or a fall in prices, as has already happened,” noting, that ” rampant corruption in the state structure of Iraq has pushed the country towards the development of the current bankruptcy, despite what possessed the financial strength over the past period. ”

This comes at a time when the analysis confirmed, that the deteriorating security situation and the presence of Daash on Iraqi soil is a direct result of corruption, who left the country without a real military force capable of achieving security, while exposed to the public mood to significant negative decline is the increase in demonstrations and public rejection of the policy government, especially with the deterioration of the situation of public services and the health sector, as well as the imposition of new taxes on citizens, at a time when the government is struggling to pay for the retirement of seven million Iraqi employee salaries.

Besides, it has been revealed locations “Hovingtin Post” and “Firefox” for an investigative inquiry into the licenses and contracts with foreign companies rounds, pointing to the involvement of senior officials in the Oil Ministry in the previous government, the most prominent of the deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the previous government, the current Minister of Education Hussein al-Shahristani, the oil minister and officials in the ministry. ”

And it resulted in “scandals” to open an investigation by Parliament, which has formed a committee to investigate what its publication signatories, while the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi expressed interest in the subject, called the Integrity Commission to conduct a thorough investigation and follow-up Modua.anthy m