US book: US Special Operations carried out covert assassinations in Iraq

US book: US Special Operations carried out covert assassinations in Iraq

04/10/2015 14:35 GMT

US book - US Special Operations carried out covert assassinations in IraqFollow-up – and babysit – revealed a recent book in the United States entitled “The Secret History of the Joint Special Operations” in Iraq to author Sean Naylor that the forces of the so-called “Delta” US Special was conducting the assassination of wanted persons to the US military by homemade explosive devices placed in the way in cars or the people involved.
He was quoted by the New York Post for presentation of the book “The war in Iraq was part of a proxy war between the United States and Iran and that US special forces were conducting secret assassination unnoticed until investigators Agency FBI US.

The report added that “In early 2007, US intelligence estimates confirmed that up to 150 component of the Shiite resistance factions were preparing violent attacks against US forces in Iraq, which prompted the formation of a special US force called the band 17 to carry out assassinations.”

The report continued that “the leadership in that period, the manufacture explosive devices called” your Xbox “and that was with the help of the power of the US Delta Private responsible for the removal of local IEDs where I got several improvised explosive sound in the arena of Iraqi and Afghan battles and instead of disposal realized those forces it can be reused and rebuilt through reverse engineering and can therefore be making IEDs US hands but it looks from the raw materials it homemade, with one of the officers said, “we used ammunition of the components that we found it in the theaters of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is made up of electronic circuits Chinese and Pakistani with explosives consisting of old Russian ammunition. ”

Adding that “the purpose was to also send the remnants of explosives that we use to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States in order to experts conclude that it is homemade by terrorists.”

The report pointed out that in contrast to assassination operations that previously required car bombing remote there were operations require that the victim running the car and drive, which requires the presence of client monitors the target and the pressure on after the bombing of the car has been through these operations perform a lot of assassinations in Baghdad and central and southern Iraq in particular.