US aviation officially refuses to hit Daash gatherings

US aviation officially refuses to hit Daash gatherings

Published on Sunday, May 31, two thousand and fifteen eleven twenty-five a.m.

US aviation officially refuses to hit Daash gatheringsBAGHDAD / Sky Press: said press secretary at the White House Justin Ernst, Sunday, not to give the green light in many cases for US pilots to strike rallies fighters Daash.

Said Ernst in a press statement pursued “Sky Press,” “The pilots of F-18 Americans have not received orders to strike Daash gangs of terror for his country’s keenness not to hit civilians,” he said, adding that “the United States set conditions and the laws are very strict clash not to carry out such strikes.”

It has become known that the United States is exposed to political confusion, particularly in the statements made by officials within the White House and President Barack Obama about the lack of organization in the fight against new Daash or not having a clear strategy to fight.

The head of the authority of the civil coalition that ruled Iraq after 2003, Paul Bremer, said in the 29 May 2015 There are currently about 14 air raid carried out by the Alliance of State, consisting of 62 countries in one day, three quarters of them come back without bombing targets, as US Senator John McCain he said before so that the air campaign in Iraq is useless, as 75% of the aircraft belonging to their bases without hitting the targets.