Urgent .. contract third-generation telecom services in Iraq

Urgent .. contract third-generation telecom services in Iraq

Monday, November 10  / November 2014 11:29

Urgent - contract third-generation telecom services in Iraq[Baghdad-where]

Signed the Telecommunications Authority today with communications companies in Iraq holding the right to use the third generation of the Internet mobile phone top frequencies speed in the country within two months. The contract was concluded during his stay Authority ceremony was attended by representatives from the communications companies [ether, Asia torrent, Korek Telecom] in the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad was attended by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Ebadi said in his speech during the ceremony, “It is not permissible to use organized crime as a pretext to determine public freedoms and there is no intention to determine the freedoms in the field of communications,” calling at the same time to “improve telecommunications services and lower prices and speed up the release of the fourth-generation service.”

The Association of Media and Communications announced Thursday an agreement with the telecommunications companies operating in Iraq [ether, Asia torrent, Korek Telecom] hired to launch the service in exchange for $ 307 million of which companies had paid in advance $ 73 million.

The companies will pay the rest in four installments over the next 18 months, while there will be a trial period for two months before the commercial launch of third-generation services.

Iraq is one of the few countries in the Middle East continues to rely on second-generation networks, which not only allows voice calls, SMS and internet services in the core while the cost of fixed-line Internet high and can not be relied upon.

And wait for the three mobile operators in Iraq several years ago for the launch of third-generation services, and these companies are Zain Iraq of Kuwait’s Zain and Asiacell of the country I want to Cork affiliate Oorang.anthy