UN: Iraq run by a “failed government” does not have a strategy

UN: Iraq run by a “failed government” does not have a strategy for reform after the defeat Daash

April 26, 2016

UN - Iraq run by a failed government does not have a strategyThe United Nations said, that Iraq is a failed state run by the government, does not have a clear strategy for the reform of the country after the defeat al Daash.

In the Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, after the long trip a week to the Iraq report, Kate Gilmore called for Iraqi politicians to put aside their differences and move quickly to form a national unity coherent and efficient government pointing out, they and their international partners are focusing on to defeat al Daash, not paying effort to provide non-military aid.

And it called for responsible internationalism, in its report, the international community should not allow himself to being involved with the Iraqi leadership, pointing to the displacement of more than three million and four hundred thousand people inside Iraq, lacks most of them for the most basic humanitarian ingredient, while going allocated them into the pockets of local officials, international support, as she put it.