U.S. study: Iraq may be the most stable in the current decade

U.S. study: Iraq may be the most stable in the current decade



Inferred from a study published by the site Americans known to Labhat Strategy, is the site of “Project Sindikaat” New York-based, that Iraq is the most Thaaa to achieve greater growth rates in the region, in the remaining years of this decade, if it succeeded in doubling its oil production, and taking him to 6 million barrel, at least, in the year 2020.

Is based on the study’s authors to conditions very complex experienced by the Arab region for more than 30 months, starting with Egypt, which teeters on the brink of civil war, the end of Syria destroyed by the war, and will not delay the wars of others at home in the destruction of what remains of its components and its social fabric, to conclude Iraq 2020, despite the problems faced by today, a candidate to be the most stable and prosperous countries in the region, as it is a candidate for restoration of its historic role as the leading Arab decision-makers, a role Ahtkrth the Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the last twenty years.

The study emphasizes that it is not in the world of Arabs today any bright spot, and extended space between the Middle East and North Africa Square conflicts, suffering and violence, while the star of Turkey, which has so far embodied Islamic democracy, heading towards decline.

Double in the study: that no one is expected to repeat the economic miracle witnessed by Germany after the Second World War, but Iraq has reserves of huge oil and natural gas is seeking all major oil companies to reach them, and we must succeed, the Iraqi government eventually establishing a strong state and stability security, in the footsteps of Kurdistan, which continues to promote the performance and confident and amazingly.

And goes on to say: that the annual budgets of Iraq in the last five years is approaching in the aggregate of $ 500 billion, but Iraq did not find his way steadily until now, and the new generation that size after the fall of Saddam, did not see the future has in his country, but the restoration of stability and security is not an impossible task , and out of the tragedy is very possible, in contrast to the dramatic developments experienced by the region.

The study concludes by saying: that Iraq is a candidate for the rise if he knew how to take advantage of its capabilities and employ earthquakes experienced by neighboring countries in promoting regional and international role, and the next few years, promising years.