U.S. magazine: consequences facing Obama to leave Baghdad in the arms of Tehran

U.S. magazine: consequences facing Obama to leave Baghdad in the arms of Tehran

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Iranian aircraft movement daily tons of weapons to Syria and Obama fails to persuade al-Maliki to shut off even though it is connected by 3 times

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Confirmed magazine American province that aircraft Iranian movement daily tons of arms and Revolutionary Guards to Syria through Iraqi airspace, and that Tehran continues with the assistance of the Assad regime by trucks passing through Iraqi territory, indicating that the transport operations widening and organized and agreement between the Iraqi and Iranian officials, as revealed President Obama called on Maliki 3 times earlier, asking him not to Iran’s resumption of flights, as well as a touch of Joe Biden and direct meeting between Maliki and U.S. national security adviser on the same subject, but all that did not work.

The magazine considered “FrontPage”, U.S. political monthly magazine, that Obama has abandoned Iraq for Iran and would reap dire consequences, revealing top U.S. military discontent of his decision to complete military withdrawal from Iraq. Said in a report prepared by Arnold Alert, a former journalist for The New York Times, “President Ibama abandoned Iraq at the end of the transitional phase, and left in orbit Iran, and will reap the consequences from behind his decision.”

The magazine of conservative political “No one should be surprised what is happening, has been portrayed President Obama’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from Iraq as a victory, but in fact left the country without enough force working to stabilize and balance it, Obama talked about it should war in Iraq to end responsibly, in order to enhance U.S. national security, as well as to promote American leadership in the region, but it also revealed the New York Times about the resentment of some senior U.S. military officials of this declaration, arguing that the president works to polish the image of the failure and the collapse of negotiations with Iraqis. ”

She added, “with the U.S. withdrawal began Iranian role widen, depending on that Iraq did not have an air force, and that it is not possible for him to control Bmamrath air, and therefore, the Iranians began immediately to send arms to Syria via land and air corridors of Iraq,” saying it ” According to a report intelligence agency belonging to a Western country, obtained by Reuters, which said that Iran is using a civilian aircraft to transport tons of arms and materiel across Iraq to Syria, and to help the Assad regime in his efforts to crush anti-government rebels. ”

According to the report, which quoted excerpts, the “Iranian Revolutionary Guards oversees the transfer of arms,” follow-up “The version of the report, obtained by Reuters from a diplomatic source working in the United Nations, stated that” flights continues in spite of Iraqi officials, and aircraft taking off from Iran to Syria, through Iraq, a day, and carry elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in addition to tons of weapons. ”

The report also revealed that “Iran is continuing with the help of the Syrian regime, by passing trucks Iraqi land.” She drew “FrontPage”, saying: “in early September last year, revealed U.S. officials for inquiries they have made to the Iraqi side on these trips, followed thereafter threat of John Kerry, when he was a member of the Senate, the possibility of stopping U.S. aid for Iraq,” noting that “so far failed U.S. efforts to compel the Iraq on the possibility of inspection aircraft Iranian wildly, on the contrary, it has failed to a large extent, despite the fact that Iraq has provided a commitment apparently came to San Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari to Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State that the aircraft will be inspected. ”

, However, “Iraq has already inspected two ايرانيتين, but he has not found anything, because according to what mot report U.S. intelligence that Iraqi officials have warned the Iranian side that this aircraft will be inspected,” seamless “Although the allegations supplies are Iranian to Syria via Iraq is not new However, the report confirms that these transfers widening and organized than previous, as a result of an agreement between the Iraqi and Iranian officials. ”

And saw the magazine he was “under the influence of American pressure, Iraq was able to stop the flight of Iran in last March, when Baghdad was preparing to host a business summit of Arab States. As March Obama pressure on Maliki, where he held three contacts Nouri al-Maliki, asking him not to resume allowing Iranian flights to pass through Iraqi airspace, but Iran resumed flights following the killing of a high-ranking member of the Assad government after the bombing during the month of July. ”

It went on saying that “the Iranians continued to do so again, despite the efforts of two prominent American officials to persuade al-Maliki to stop these flights, endeavor first represents contact conducted Biden during the month of August, and the second was to meet in person between Maliki and Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough, in October, But these efforts did not succeed are the other “.

For his part, denied Ali al-Moussawi, a media adviser to the prime minister, revelations report, saying the magazine American “Iraq rejects allegations baseless on allowing Iran to transfer military equipment to Syria through passageways air,” pointing out that “the Prime Minister calls always a solution peaceful resolution of the conflict in Syria, and non-interference in internal Syrian affairs. ”