Thus Maliki violently responded to Biden and U.S. Senate

Thus Maliki violently responded to Biden and U.S. Senate


Maliki and Joe BidenPalm – The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said Thursday that some among the Congress influenced by “campaigns propaganda waged against Iraq,” and called for relations of genuine friendship between the two countries “far from distortion”, and as pointed out by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden that recent letter to some members of Congress against him about Iraq linked disagreements States _ the U.S., he stressed that the United States “is committed to supporting Iraq in the face of challenges, especially terrorism.”

This came during a meeting between Maliki and his accompanying delegation, Vice President Joe Biden at his residence in Washington, as well as a meeting with Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives and a number of members of Congress.

Maliki said in a statement released on his and received a “news agency palm,” a copy of it, that to proceed with the application of the Strategic Framework Agreement between the two sides will strengthen the partnership and in the interest of both countries and the region.

Maliki said that Iraqi cohesion and support for the government’s plans and the ongoing military operations against al-Qaeda and terrorist groups restored confidence to the Iraqis and make them better able to overcome the difficulties and face the hurricanes that ravaged the region, and of current events in the region and their impact on the situation in Iraq.

Maliki said Biden “the rules that underpin the political process in Iraq and the nature of the problems faced,” pointing to the “affected some quarters of Congress propaganda campaigns waged against Iraq.”

He said al-Maliki that “Iraq chose the path of democracy, pluralism and participation, a past it is no way to return him,” noting that “Iraq is run today jointly by the Government and the House of Representatives and departments involved with all components of the Iraqi people, in a time of stress there is a real need to strengthen mutual understanding and doubling communication between the two countries in order to build a genuine friendship relations based on clarity away from distortion. ”

The statement quoted the Vice President as saying, “The United States is committed to supporting Iraq in the face of challenges, especially terrorism,” stressing that “the American administration is working to meet the needs of Iraq with regard to the fight against terrorism, the fact that terrorist groups share a common enemy of both Iraq and the United States.”

Biden pointed out that “the Iraqi government is making progress at the domestic level, particularly rapprochement between the various political blocs, in addition to the positive developments at the level of Foreign Relations, as well as the development of Iraq’s relations with various countries of the world, especially neighboring countries.”

Biden noted “recent letter to some members of Congress against him on Iraq, saying this is linked to differences of America – America.”

The statement pointed out that “the two sides agreed on the need to work for the development of cooperation and coordination between the two countries so as to enhance the bonds of friendship and partnership between them, and that the relations of cooperation and rapprochement between Iraq and the United States is indispensable for the maintenance of security and stability in the region and enhance the chances for peace in which,” pointing that “the talks focused on ways to develop bilateral relations in all fields.”