Three million dollars in the pocket of Abadi Iraqis pay toll so far

Three million dollars in the pocket of Abadi Iraqis pay toll so far

September 30 .2015 – 19:00

Three million dollars in the pocket of Abadi Iraqis pay toll so farSumer News: Baghdad
mobile phone bill paid by the Iraqis equivalent to 176 double that paid by the Jordanians, according to economic reports, which indicates the high cost of the use of mobile phone in Iraq dramatically, which also means that the Iraqis pay three million dollars tax taking possession of the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi in 2003. The full story below.

It is known that the mobile phone was forbidden in Iraq during the former regime, and after the fall of the regime in 2003 the new regime decided to introduce the service to Iraq, and was Abadi and communications minister at the time.

In such cases, the state announces its need to establish a communications network phones in its airspace, progressing specialized companies competitive bids in order to obtain the contract, but these steps do not take place in Iraq, has granted Abadi contract to the Egyptian company “Orascom Telecom” according to a lucrative deal to him and her .

Says a source familiar with for (Sumer News) that “Orascom awarded Abadi bribe of three million dollars in order to obtain the contract, already Abadi catch amount the company and the granting of the contract, entered into Iraq under the name Iraqna.”

Since it began work, users complained in Iraq, many of its services to the poor though expensive, and called for much that they want to get the best company, but their appeals were in vain.

And it illustrates the source added that “al-Abadi granting Iraqi airspace to Orascom cheaply in exchange for bribes he received, Fmnhaa right to use airspace in exchange for five million dollars only, while the cost of the use of Lebanese airspace, for example, one billion and 650 million dollars, with that area of ​​Lebanon is smaller than the area of ​​Iraq much. ”

He points out that “al-Abadi, who is talking about whales corruption now and wants to strengthen the state budget through austerity measures do not have a clear impact on the budget, it could provide at least 1% of the Iraqi budget, assuming a manageable amount to Orascom in exchange for use of Iraqi airspace, but it provided the company tens of millions of dollars in exchange for receiving three million dollars. ”

Then it issued many American reports of the supreme bodies confirmed the presence of operations of a major corruption within the Iraqi government institutions, in May of 2004, issued an internal document from the Pentagon reported that “Orascom, which won a contract mobile phone network in that year paid bribes of up to 21 million dollars to six people, including Communications Minister Haider al-Abadi, who got three million dollars. ”

It also points out that the source “Abadi breached the principle of fair competition when met at the time managers Orascom has not met the directors of other companies, and then granting work for Orascom contract directly”.