The Washington Times: How President Obama lost the war in Iraq

The Washington Times: How President Obama lost the war in Iraq

Reg Stoel, Posted 8-11-2013

How President Obama lost the war in IraqThe Washington Times

After one of the biggest military victories through generations for the United States, Iraq is now on its way to become more dangerous than it was before the U.S. invasion. Vanhaddar Iraq to the terror and chaos is the unfortunate result of an ideology which leads Obama war policy. In fact, for the edge of victory, the U.S. under Obama has now thrown away all the gains difficult investigation in Iraq. Last week, al Qaeda in Iraq succeeded in penetrating the prisons, highlighting the increased violence associated with terrorism in a country supposed to be an editor. The group has succeeded in the liberation of 500 prisoners and killed 29 Iraqi policemen based on the information available to the media. To take into account the success of the operation to storm the prison if the United States is stick with it, or at least just because it’s helping to train local forces responsible for it. But there is no U.S. troops in Iraq, while the U.S. forces share of the problem, it is not possible to deny that the American forces are the most effective and training in the world, and know a lot about cities and counter-insurgency. The Iraq can use some U.S. aid. Increase after U.S. troops Iraq has become a success story and a weak balance extension since the events of September 11.

The initial invasion was, in spite of the difference around the world, a great success, it was dominated by US-led forces on Baghdad in less than three weeks. But in the years 2007 – 2008, the Senator Aubmama, fraught with the anti-war trend in the United States was elected president and for the implementation of the promises of ending the war in Iraq. Ending the war quite a task carried out by Obama at a time to glides victory away. And the strength of the recent rule is just the last directory on the ultimate American defeat in Iraq., But the military defeat is not inevitable at all. It is mostly a result of poor planning and implementation of lean or move during which the sinner.

In 2007, President Bush announced an increase of U.S. troops and local who scoff concerned about the justifications for the war. But Bush was determined to win, whether those justifications have been fulfill them or not. Has been proven leadership of Gen. David Petraeus credibility for effective use for the additional troops, and by the year 2009, when received Obama’s presidency, the violence has fallen Mheshodh – and according to some estimates by 80%. And parliamentary elections were held on time and reached the Iraqi forces because impose its control over Baghdad and the Green Zone.

In the framework of any measurements Obama has inherited the war has achieved a victory. But failed in the basics of his presidency compared with the Republicans in the war, and its inability or unwillingness to negotiate the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Iraq. Has negotiated with Obama’s predecessor, Bush has such an agreement with Iraq in 2008. Instead of working to renew the agreement Sofa Obama administration has left the 2008 Convention fall and all American forces leave at the end of the year 2011. Persuaded the president and vice president of the American people that they had tried to reach an agreement with the Iraqis and who voiced their stubbornness in this topic. But the Iraqi government was stubborn with the Bush administration as well. And easily Obama could not or did not want to sign such agreement. Iraq war has claimed the lives of more than 4,000 troops and an American soldier in the Iraq war, George W. Bush bet his presidency and the American taxpayers spent trillions of dollars. In battle, it has conjured up all the military resources to afford not to get defeated by the rebels. Has been developed doctrines and weapons. The Iraqis voted and supported their government dead at great risk. New Democracy has survived against the Syrian and Iranian regimes dangerous. It was a very huge repercussions. The democratic state is relatively friendly to the United States and its interests, between Syria and Iran, can be transformed into an oasis of freedom and economic growth in the region. And a safe and peaceful Iraq will be a shining symbol, which will not be able to terrorist forces that panic by the major powers., And he could be a model for the growing democratic stream. But all that was not suitable for Obama, and now collapsing security situation in Iraq. The president, who tried to get the favor of the Arab Spring and who wanted the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who wanted to help Libya in order to reach a birth of democracy, turned his back on the best hope for a pro-Western democracy more stable in the Arab world. Now it was the turn of the base in order to achieve overwhelming victory in Iraq.