The provincial government: it is time to divorce Baghdad (details)

The provincial government: it is time to divorce Baghdad (details)

01-04-2017 04:38 PM

The provincial government - it is time to divorce BaghdadEast News –

Saw a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government Sven Dzia on Saturday, it was time to discuss with the Federal Government on the declaration of “amicable divorce”.

Said Dzia during a press interview, that “it is necessary to start a serious dialogue with Baghdad to reach a friendly solution to the secession of the province,” adding that “the two sides can to become good neighbors and this is the only thing he wants the region.”

He Dzia to, that “the principle of co-existence was something agreed upon by all parties in 2003,” adding that “this principle is now that there is no longer.”

He pointed out that “the current stage is witnessing talk about the majority and minority,” adding that “even if the Kurds arrived in Baghdad seats to 65 seats is always a minority they will still be.”

He Dzia, said that “the region always lies at the mercy of Baghdad, so he is looking for another formula different, and the budget of the region cut off and not receive any military aid,” pointing out that “this shows that the two sides of the Esttien work together.”

He noted that “there is now Iraq’s pre-Mosul and Mosul, Iraq’s post,” stressing on finding a solution to Astorteur.

“The only way is to go towards the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan.”