The most prominent paragraphs voted on by the Iraqi parliament for approval within the budget of 2015

The most prominent paragraphs voted on by the Iraqi parliament for approval within the budget of 2015

Posted 30/01/2015 09:31 AM

The most prominent paragraphs voted on by the Iraqi parliament for approval within the budget of 2015Passed the House of Representatives, on Thursday, the federal budget for fiscal year 2015 exceeded the amount of 119 trillion dinars and a deficit of 25 trillion dinars, and its lift to the tenth of February next.

It is the most important paragraphs in the budget of $ 41 a paragraph that voted in by a majority of parliament the following items:

1. The imposition of sales tax on Kartat mobilize the mobile phone and Internet networks by 20%, of the value of the card and 15% on the purchase of cars of all types of tickets, “.

2. reduce the number of cars of the three presidencies to five cars and customize them for every three cars each minister who is Bdrjtah.

3. prevent the central bank from the sale of more than $ 75 million a day in the auction

4. pressure Alaivadat Foreign Posts 50%

5. Requiring the Ministry of Finance and all ministries under the budget paying salaries and employee benefits in the provinces in the hot spots Law

6. Install the contract-holders in the ministries who have three years of service and above in the 2015 budget.

7. proportion of the Kurdistan region’s budget 17% of the federal budget

8. bind the Kurdistan region under budget Bouktsas province of Halabja, the region’s share of the budget according to population ratios law.

9. granting the Ministry of Trade exchange ration card items on the form of cash to the beneficiaries of the displaced people in hot spots validity

10-contribution state employees and the public sector in the face of economic challenges, and to support our security forces in the war against terrorism insurance requirements, and the adoption of national savings to the staff of the state system and the public sector, published by the Federal Cabinet.

11-authorize the Ministry of Finance to issue the nature of support on behalf of the displaced determine exaggeration in accordance with instructions issued by the Accounting Chamber, in order to impose on all citizens when their review of government departments.

12-A starch reconstruction of areas devastated by the terror Fund, which is funded by grants and international aid, and the first is allocated 500 billion dinars.

13. Launch of grades with the formation of the National Guard to be the nucleus of the popular crowd formed.

14. The Council of Ministers have the right to establish the Supreme Council for the reconstruction,

That is regulated by law within three months.

15. deletion of Article 26 for the Ministry of Finance to stop the financing of projects, ministries and departments not associated with the ministry and the provinces that do not exceed 50% implemented.

16. Do not assign any function leading director and above, unless there is a law degree in ministry or organizational structure.

17. allocation of two dollars for each province producing oil, and two dollars for every barrel of oil refining