The Iraqi government takes 5 new decisions and issues 3 directives related to electricity

The Iraqi government takes 5 new decisions and issues 3 directives related to electricity

2022-04-26 08:14

The Iraqi government takes 5 new decisions and issues 3 directives related to electricityShafaq News/ The Iraqi Council of Ministers, during its 16th regular session, held today, Tuesday, headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi, took 5 new decisions and issued 3 directives related to the electricity file.

During the session, the overall general situation in the country was discussed, and the implementation of the government measures previously taken to confront the global economic crisis and mitigate its effects on Iraq was discussed, as Al-Kazemi stressed the need for ministries to adhere to the implementation of all government decisions, and the importance of integrated cooperation to face various economic challenges, including and service.

The Prime Minister directed the relevant security services to continue monitoring prices in the local markets, and to prosecute those who manipulate the Iraqi people’s food and refer them to the judiciary to receive their just punishment. The Prime Minister reviewed the latest developments in the security situation in the country and the progress of military actions to pursue the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs and achieve their desired goals, and praised the efforts of the various types of security forces and their readiness to achieve great victories over terrorist cells, and their quest to establish security in areas where terrorist gangs are active.

The Council of Ministers in charge of managing the Ministry of Electricity, and the advanced cadre of the ministry hosted the preparations for the summer season and the readiness of its staff to overcome problems and obstacles that might encounter the production and distribution networks. Al-Kazemi directed the ministries and the competent authorities to meet the needs of the Ministry of Electricity, according to what was approved during His Excellency’s visit to the Ministry’s headquarters, and also in light of the decisions of the periodic meetings of the Ministerial Council of Energy, and stressed the need to work hard to improve production and redouble efforts regarding maintenance and transportation work; To ensure an increase in the hours of supplying citizens with electricity.

After discussing a number of paragraphs related to the electricity file, the Council of Ministers directed the following:

1- Completing the gas connections to the Crutch station, and equipping it to ensure its full operation of 200 megawatts.

2- Extension of the additional fuel delivery pipeline to the Salah al-Din Steam Station, with a length of 17 km, for the purpose of operating the station in its entirety, avoiding the process of transporting tankers, and increasing the production of electrical energy as a result.

3- Directing to expedite the construction of the Bazerkan-Halfaya pipeline and the attached units to serve the Maysan investment station, and the expansion of the condensate pipeline within the work of operating the Maysan and Al-Amara stations at the same time.

The session witnessed a review of the epidemiological report, and the measures taken; To confront the Corona pandemic, and developments in the work of the committee to strengthen government measures in the areas of prevention and health awareness control; To limit the spread of the virus, and the efforts of the Ministry of Health to prepare the required medical treatments, and to continue providing vaccines throughout the country.

After the Council of Ministers discussed the topics on the agenda, it issued the following decisions:

First / Approval of the governor of Najaf to create a municipality in the old city, provided that the issue of whether or not it will remain will be presented later to the provincial council in its new session.

Second / Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council of Economy regarding approval of what was stated in the Ministry of Planning letter No. (W.S./1/2/775) dated December 2, 2021, on projects financed by World Bank loans, as follows:

1- Requiring ministries, agencies not affiliated with the Ministry, and all governorates, to adopt a mechanism for implementing projects financed from loans that have already been circulated under the Ministry of Planning’s letter No. (15791), dated November 11, 2020, and emphasizing not to enter into any commitments with international agencies The issue was not submitted to the Ministry of Planning for study and to ensure that it is included in the general budget law before commencing the borrowing process, based on paragraph (1) of the Cabinet Resolution (69 of 2019). 2- Semi-annual reports are submitted to the Ministry of Planning / Department of International Cooperation on the implementation of projects financed by loans.

3- All parties should give the utmost importance to transactions related to projects financed by loans, and complete the required procedures within a period not exceeding 5 working days from the date of their receipt to the entity, in order to avoid delays and enter into additional financial obligations resulting from non-compliance with the periods stipulated in the terms of the loan agreement.

4- Obligating the government agencies responsible for tax and customs collection to implement the provisions of the Federal General Budget Law regarding tax and customs exemptions for the projects in question, provided that the loan and contract agreement were signed at the time the budget law came into force; To avoid burdening the state with additional undue financial burdens.

5- Forming a supreme steering committee headed by the Minister of Finance and with the membership of undersecretaries of the ministries (Finance, Planning, Construction, Housing, Municipalities, Public Works, and Electricity), the head of the Supreme Coordination Committee between the governorates, and a representative of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, as well as naming liaison members with other relevant government agencies. The relationship is called upon when needed. The committee undertakes the process of directing the loans and overcoming the obstacles facing the implementation of the projects financed by it in a way that prevents them from stopping.

Third / In implementation of the paragraphs (1-a and 2) mentioned in the letter of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau No. (1/1/15/2443) dated February 3, 2021, attached to linking the Cabinet Resolution (15 of 2022), the following was decided:

1- The Ministry of Finance shall finance the amounts shown below to the Ministry of Financial Resources, to implement emergency works to address water scarcity in Diyala Governorate:

The total amount (5750000000) dinars only five billion seven hundred and fifty million dinars distributed among:

– (1750,000,000) dinars, only one billion seven hundred and fifty million dinars / the General Authority for Ground Water, to dig wells in various parts of the governorate and supply the necessary supplies (pipes, drilling primes..etc.)

– (750,000,000) dinars, only seven hundred and fifty million dinars/ the river dredging works department is allocated to the work of raising sediments for the provider of dams and dams in the governorate to ensure the preparation of storage basins.

– (500,000,000) dinars, only five hundred million dinars / the General Authority for the Operation and Maintenance of the Euphrates River Basin is allocated for purification works, and raising sediments from the irrigation network to facilitate the delivery of water to liquefaction stations during low water levels.

– (2750,000,000) dinars, only two billion seven hundred and fifty million dinars / the General Authority for the Operation and Maintenance of the Tigris River Basin is allocated for the periodic maintenance of pumping stations and regulators, with the extension of a power line to the lower Khalis station.

Fourth / The Ministry of Interior / General Traffic Directorate has concluded an investment contract to establish a factory for the manufacture of plates with the Police Martyrs Fund, as an exception to Cabinet Resolution (245 of 2019).

Fifth / The Ministry of Finance financed the Iraqi House of Creativity Foundation with an amount of (50,000,000) dinars, only five hundred million dinars, in implementation of paragraphs (1 and 2) mentioned in the Federal Financial Supervisory Bureau book No. (1/1/15/2443) dated January 3 The first is 2021. Attachments link to the Council of Ministers Resolution (15 of 2022).