The government is considering selling Saddam’s palaces to fill budget deficit

The government is considering selling Saddam’s palaces to fill budget deficit

01/28/2016 15:03

The government is considering selling Saddams palaces to fill budget deficitBAGHDAD / Obelisk: Iraqi government is considering proposals to sell thousands of real estate including palaces belonged to the dictator Saddam, in order to provide revenue to meet the Iraqi budget deficit.

Quoted local media sites Thursday January 28 deputies in the Finance Committee in parliament that the government can get billions of dollars from the sale of these properties, while facing the Iraqi government from the fact that the crisis with lower oil prices.

On the other hand, MP Masood Haider Committee member said that the government put up for sale mechanisms manner that does not allow parties and senior officials of the acquisition of these properties pittance, pointing out that these properties must be evaluated and sold at public auctions.

Masood Haider warned of “the loss amounts to be gained from the sale of real estate if you go without a rational management of funds.”

The Iraqi Council of Representatives has passed the end of last year .2016 budget which exceeded 105 trillion Iraqi dinars, with a deficit estimated at $ 20 billion.

In addition, MP Majda al-Tamimi warned from the sale of the former regime palaces, saying it “property of the people and can be converted into museums and get a daily imports of visitors.”

The number of Saddam’s palaces in Iraq, according to specialists, about 1,000 Palace 0.200 of which only inside Baghdad, while most of them turned into the headquarters of the party and government.

The government confiscated after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, about 3 thousands of real estate property of symbols and officials of Saddam’s regime who were occupying high positions in the military leadership in structured Baath Party