The formation of a new Iraqi government within 45 days

The formation of a new Iraqi government within 45 days


Former Iraqi Prime Minister Palm – student head of the Iraqi former Iraqi Prime Minister “Iyad Allawi,” the formation of a new government within 45 days of the results of the provincial elections.

Allawi said in an interview hope that result in the election of building civil societies in all provinces until the institution-building at the national level and call for the formation of a new government within 45 days, indicating, we’d like to build institutions at the municipal level after the failed political process to achieve this level country.

He added, that the people may sectarian boredom and the lack of good government, and the lack of employment opportunities and human rights violations and filling prisons with detainees who were subjected to torture, on Haddcolh.

As مردفا said, also hope to get the provinces on constitutional entitlements, for example, budget allocations so that they can start building through institutions rather than the local council; This is what the Iraqi hopes that witnessed this election.

And Allawi said Aydakadd the lost of many individuals over the past five weeks, through the assassination of explosives or shot by snipers, even now seven candidates were killed and twenty activists from the Iraqi list.

The Iraqi National Accord Movement, which Atzaaha Iyad Allawi, has revealed, all that its leader prepared message documented the “violations” of the electoral process that took place yesterday and decided to send it to the Iraqi courts and international, as pointed out that among the shooting by security agents and banditry .

And saw the elections that took place on Saturday in 12 Iraqi provinces, share did not exceed 50% in those provinces, according to the Electoral Commission for elections.