The economic and investment commission: should new legislation to regulate the trade in the country

According to a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / National Alliance / Abdulabas Xiaa, that trade in Iraq is the hand of import and export, calling for cancellation of its law and new legislation to regulate the trade in the country.

Said Xiaa: The Trade Act current passed in (1970) and make it (14) an amendment during the former regime, and still needs many amendments. added: that all paragraphs of the law does not serve the national economy present who believes the system of the free market, it tends to central system dictatorship, which was followed in policy of the former regime, in addition to that the provisions of punitive up to execution of traders violators.

continued: So the law needs to cancellation and new legislation regulating business operations in the country, noting: that importing and exporting is an organization make the merchant does what he wants as a result of the absence of law regulating trade in Iraq.