Survivors of the “turbine massacre” tell their horrific details of the execution of 72 civilians

Survivors of the “turbine massacre” tell their horrific details of the execution of 72 civilians

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Follow-Iraq Press -29 January 2015

Survivors of the - turbine massacre - tell their horrific details of the execution of 72 civiliansResidents and local officials say the Iraqi executions that took place in the village of turbine, last Monday, that left at least 72 dead unarmed Iraqis.

And paint novels five witnesses to executions harsh images of the scene, as saying that the perpetrators of the executions of members of the group Milisheawih factions and members of the security forces.

He questioned, security officials in the Iraqi government accounts, and said some of that could be elements “Daash” are the ones who carried out the executions.

Survivors tells the same story: “take them men in uniform from their homes and Ksmohm small groups and took them to a field and forced them to kneel and then chose another and executed by firing squad, one after the other,” according to Reuters.

The Iraqi government, Lance Wednesday it will open an investigation into what happened.

He said al-Jubouri, a tributary prime minister’s spokesman said Haider al-Abadi ordered an urgent investigation and pending the results.

He added that he does not want to infer anything now, pointing out that while the results of the investigation will clarify the entire picture show.

The reports came from the massacre on Monday after a campaign over three days during which the Iraqi security forces have succeeded with the support of imported militias regain control of more than 20 villages out of the hands of the “Daash” North Mufdadah spend.

Since last September, hundreds of civilians fled to the relative safety of the turbine to escape the fighting in Sensl, about five kilometers to the south-west and other nearby villages.

The kidnapping and murder

Abu Omar, the self-employed have been displaced from Sensl. He was in his home in the turbine on Monday about the third hour and a half in the afternoon when I arrived ten Humvees less than a few dozen men.

He uniform black and brown to be linked to each faction Milisheawi others from government security forces, while others appeared to be civilians.

Abu Omar said by telephone that they dragged populous aged up to 70 years of their homes and beat them and Sbohem sectarian insults.

He added that the fighters took the men mobile phones and their own identity cards and then tied their hands tied with a rope Abu Omar with his son infected with mental illness at the age of 12 years. They repeated the same thing with the greatest sons and three brothers.

The men were taken away to a field a few hundred meters, and Abu Omar says that more than 100 others gathered there.

Were forced to kneel and stare at the ground for about two hours while the fighters choose their goals and led away to a place behind a wall of mud.

Said Abu Omar, “took them behind the wall. For less than a minute and then a bullet … all we can hear is gunshots. We could not see. ”

Survivors say the victims also were taken to the alleys, houses and behind the mosque or the area to collect the garbage and then killed.

Abu Mizel, 25, a farmer from Sensl fled to the turbine five months ago and told Reuters certificate almost identical with what Abu Omar said.

He said that some of the fighters and put green headbands emblazoned with the name of Hussein.

It took him and his cousin from their house to the field and walked in the queue their heads down and put them all hands on the shoulder of standing in front of him in the classroom.

Mizel heard Abu kneeling next to his cousin, 35-year-old begging others for insurgents do not even executing them while fighters dragged and killed.

“I raise my cousin’s head Vsfh someone … five minutes later they came and took him away and executed him.”

Tsaqtoa like dominoes

Signed massacre survivors recounted her story on Monday in the presence of Iraqi security forces, more than a year of uncertainty in Baghdad’s control over the factions that led the fight against the organization “Daash” after the Iraqi army nearly collapsed last summer.

Said Abdullah al-Jubouri, 23, escaped from a turbine to Sensl a month ago that the army allowed him Bansrav when they came to his home on Monday, a university graduate. Other witnesses told Reuters that soldiers stood watching what happened helplessly and some of them wept while men factions executed civilians.

Jubouri said to Reuters that he fled when he saw the Humvees intervention turbine and hid in a pile of garbage. Taking while watching a group of soldiers and fighters launched a school near the fire on a row of 13 men had their hands tied some of them.
He added, “I saw them falling like dominoes.”


Jubouri said he heard gunshots and screams until seven o’clock this evening while almost deported vehicles. And found a neighbor and his two sons among the bodies that were at the school.

Women and children and then went out to cover the bodies of men. Some spent the night in the streets weeping on the dead.

Jubouri said he found the body of another neighbor outside his home was shot in the head and chest. And saw the bodies bore signs of shots in the field in five different streets of the village.

Abu Omar returned to his home after the withdrawal of fighters to join his two sons. Later found six brothers also Sensl dead. One of them was in his house, while the others were behind the wall muddy field.

Said Abu Omar, a delegate for the sale of cosmetics and four teachers were killed in the field, as well as three other siblings and their cousin.

Hakki said al-Jubouri, a member of the Diyala provincial council, a Sunni, told Reuters that at least 72 men were killed in the turbine on Monday. He added that 35 people were missing and suspected that the men holding factions.

Sajid Anbuge, a member of the Diyala provincial council and called not to jump to conclusions before the government’s investigation.

He told Reuters that if found to be executed “terrorists” there will not be any problem because they have won in this case what they deserve.

He added that if it turns out to be civilians must achieve justice and the arrest of did it.

But the remaining residents of the turbine fear of further violence. They told Reuters that the men of the same factions and members of the security forces surrounded the village late on Monday and prevented everyone from leaving.

Said Abu Ahmed, 27, of Sensl a survivor, “We are trapped days ago. Without food. Without anything “.anthy (1)