State of Law: Maliki red line .. do not allow Ebadi untouchable

State of Law: Maliki red line .. do not allow Ebadi untouchable

Wednesday 7 October 2015 | 11:21

State of Law - Maliki red line - do not allow Ebadi untouchableBAGHDAD / .. confirmed a coalition of state law, Wednesday, Zaamah Nuri al-Maliki that the red line does not allow any party or untouchable political figure even if the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

The MP said the coalition Mohammed Chihod for “Eye Iraq News” that “the coalition of the rule of law to all its members is considered al-Maliki, a national icon led Iraq to safety are not allowed to Ebadi or other untouchable,” noting that “al-Abadi apologized for the word (commander necessary) confirmed that intended tyrant Saddam, not al-Maliki. ”

And between Chihod that “state law does not change the thinking of al-Abadi prime minister candidate, it is a fully supported,” stressing that “state law supports reforms Abadi and demanding more.”

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has attacked last Saturday of corruption and described as “the ruler and commander of necessity” in previous governments, including the distribution of donations in times of elections.

The leader of the Alliance of Iraqi forces revealed, on Tuesday, all the forces and personalities, the coalition of state law, to discuss the future of the current government, and the coalition approached to participate with them to do so. Ended 9