State law: the goals of military intervention in Syria could pour into attacking Iraq

State law: the goals of military intervention in Syria could pour into attacking Iraq


Military intervention in Syria could pour into attacking IraqBAGHDAD / Nazek Mohammed Khudair

Iraq’s ruling coalition suggested that the purposes of possible Western military strike on Syria comes to weaken Assad’s forces and the victory with strengthening the army free, and provide an opportunity to seize weapons system terrorism, كلاها to hit the security aspect and exacerbated in Iraq.

Ali said Alfalh, a member of the House of Representatives for State of Law coalition headed by Nuri al-Maliki, said that “what is happening in Syria has close correlation aspect of security in Iraq, and therefore al-Maliki wanted to alert everyone should unite and national unity if the exposed Syria to strike Western military, and their consequences either” the occurrence of the Syrian regime and its weapons, however, terrorists, or weaken it with a hit of terrorism by the western aviation. ”

He added Alfalh “A vision says that Western bent on beating Syria سيضعفون the Syrian forces and the Frente victory, with the strengthening of the army free,” In all cases, the reaction generated in Iraq, “and the door of the bench-Maliki called on high alert in the country.

Confirmed Alfalh, that Iraq is with a peaceful solution, and did not take his mind about military intervention in Syria to punish the regime backdrop of the killing of innocent people with chemical weapons. He said Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Wednesday, that Iraq put its security forces on high alert ahead of an expected international attack on Syria.

Western powers considering a possible military strike against Syria after the news about the chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus last week, killing hundreds of civilians. Maliki said: “We announce today that we are and all the security and political forces in Baghdad and the provinces and the whole Iraq on high alert and the alert level severe security challenges and procedures.”

He added that the Iraqi authorities to take the necessary measures “to mitigate the war might have on internal crises at the level of the economy, services, and medical and health issues.” Iraq strengthened security measures along its borders with Syria, which has a length of 680 kilometers.

The Iraqi government says that the civil war in the Syria nourish attacks in Iraq by groups linked to “Al Qaeda” is working on both sides of the border. And said Mohammed Okkaily member of Iraq’s ruling coalition, said that “the Iraqi government generally refuses to use chemical weapons against the peoples Almentvdh on their systems, including Syria, pointing out that what is happening Syria Ankaas the negative impact on the security situation in Iraq and the political.”

And about interventions Western and Turkish to resolve the Syrian conflict Ugaili said, if there was a folly committed to intervene in Syria will تؤزم conditions will reap Europe and neighboring countries to Syria only deteriorating political and security “, describing Syria bomb ticking in the region could destroy everyone if struck,” referring to the outbreak sectarian and ethnic wars in Iraq and the region, after which a military intervention in Syria. ”

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Monday, said that the Government of Iraq condemned and condemns the renewed use of chemical weapons internationally banned in the internal conflict Syria. “And confirmed by the Iraqi government on the need for UN inspectors international investigation in this terrible incident and demand that all parties in the conflict to cooperate fully with the task of investigating, because this crime poses a serious violation of international humanitarian law must be held accountable the perpetrators .. dish of Foreign Affairs statement.