State law reveal secrets to postpone adoption of the election law

State law reveal secrets to postpone adoption of the election law


State law reveal secrets to postpone adoption of the election lawPalm – called MP for the rule of law, Dr. Hanan al National Alliance not to alienate the rights of voters in the electoral law and not to bow to the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance, who are trying to stretch the expense of others, Once demanding an increase of compensatory seats, and once demanding an increase of seats minorities, and once demanding circuit one, and once CALL list enclosed .. Understanding what to get the thing even ask for something else.

Fatlawi confirmed, in a press statement that the National Alliance that he Aaredkh to these demands because any seat will be given to another party will be, no doubt, at the expense of entitlement to other provinces. The seats should be distributed fairly on the basis of the proportion of the population and not on the basis of the desire and the deals that are trying to put forward some political blocs.

Fatlawi called the Kurdistan Alliance to abandon the policy of threat and respect the will of the majority, which embodied the mechanisms of democracy and to express their opinion within the parliament through a vote and not through the threat of withdrawal policy which did not previously تنفعهم when they exerted the issue of the vote on the budget!.

Also advised Fatlawi presidency of the parliament that addressed “failure” passage of the law for several times so that has become the House of Representatives material for rare and sarcasm because the President of the Council declares every time that this date is final and come back the other day to يؤجله and brings us the night of the vote, and also announced the delay and provide justifications multiple for this delay .. Once legal formulations and say once say once consensus says such .. And again and again.

Fatlawi alerted to behavior Althaala to the presidency of the parliament, as instead of the law to a vote and acceptance of its findings in any form and respect for the law and the rules of procedure of Parliament, they resorted to the Presidency to issue a decision, less Mayocef that he laughed at the Iraqi street, including:

1 – Determine the date of the election … They know that this appointment unconstitutional and does not need a decision and not the prerogative of Parliament, but a decree issued by the Presidency of the Republic.

2 – on the Commission to start voter registration procedures and other issues … This trick also because an independent Commission has already begun preparations before Parliament shall issue its decision and does not have to be a decision of the Council because they know their responsibilities.

3 – The government should conduct a budget for the Commission and that too a farce other because the government spent an advance of the Office before the decision and did not need a resolution of the House of Representatives to allocate funds for the Commission, but this context known to have previously not wait any previous elections that approach her decision of our board distinguished!.

This, Dr Hanan al finally called the National Alliance to stick to four important points can be red lines should not be waived because it is the will of the Iraqi street, and the desire of the religious authority, namely:

1 – to adopt the open list

2 – Adoption of multiple departments

3 – the number of seats in each province on the basis of the proportion of the population

4 – elections take place on time without delay

These rights must not be compromised in the words of Fatlawi, which hoped to pass the law as Iraqi citizen who serves his will is expressed real and not مايخدم the interests of the political blocs.