Source: Biden advised Maliki revised the route to deal with Bashar al-Assad

Source: Biden advised Maliki revised the route to deal with Bashar al-Assad

17/11/2012 13:14:00
BAGHDAD (Iba) … intensify the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama of political movements and contacts as part of exerting pressure on the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to discourage them from continuing to provide diplomatic and financial support and military support to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, who faces a popular uprising raging since March 2011.

Although Washington’s efforts have not succeeded so far in changing the view of Baghdad from the current events in its western neighbor because of Iran’s influence strongest, but it put Iraqi leaders before an impossible position, especially that the two sides are still Aaulan on the strategic agreement concluded prior to the withdrawal of U.S. troops end last year, which provides the U.S. presence in Iraq.

U.S. pressures focuses on preventing Iranian arms crossing over Iraqi airspace and land and reduce cross insurgents and militias loyal to the Assad regime and control of the border between the two countries to prevent the entry of extremists fighters in addition to the importance not to render aid to Assad in various fields.

The Iraqi political sources revealed that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden urged Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to modify the path towards the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

The sources told the newspaper the future that Biden held in dial three days ago with Maliki talks dealt with a number of files which included the Syrian file urged the Iraqi government to alleviate support Assad, particularly in the diplomatic field and political and financial support, which provides them indicating that the talks were frank between the parties and have seen a difference in views on some important issues, especially with regard to Syria and Iran.

The sources pointed out that Biden advised Maliki reroutes deal with Bashar al-Assad and private that many senior officials in the U.S. administration do not hide their dismay of the Iraqi position supporting the Syrian regime, stressing that U.S. Vice President presented the point of view of his country and his remarks on the abuse of Baghdad with the Syrian file and the emphasis on prevent Iranian arms crossing and inspection of aircraft coming from Iran and destined for Syria and prevent the entry of militants loyal to Iran and al-Assad as well as to prevent the infiltration of extremist leaders to fight alongside some armed factions, especially belonging to the Front victory.

The sources noted that al-Maliki reiterated the importance of resolving the Syrian crisis by peaceful means and to prevent military intervention in Syria in addition to his assertion that Baghdad worried about the implications of the crisis in Syria on Iraq, in addition to strengthening relations and speed up the implementation of the military contracts concluded between Baghdad and Washington.

The U.S. Vice President Call the day before yesterday with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and discussed several issues to strengthen relations between the two parties, especially in the military field.

Comte-Maliki had discussed during a meeting the day before yesterday with the commander of U.S. forces in the Central Region, General James Ann Mathis situation in Syria and the relationship with Iran as well as the need for Iraq to defensive weapons for the development of its military arsenal.

The informed sources told the future that al-Maliki and Matisse discussed at length to speed up the implementation of contracts for a deal planes (F 16) U.S. and the need to be delivered by the agreed date in addition to the implementation of contracts supply Iraq with sophisticated weapons and armor with combat capabilities high, noting that the talks dealt with in part the situation in Syria, Iran, particularly with regard to the commitment of Baghdad inspect Iranian planes bound through Iraqi airspace to Damascus.

It is said that Iraq had signed a strategic agreement with the United States in 2008, and which provides support ministries and institutions and government departments to strengthen ties in all areas of cultural, economic and diplomatic in the areas of security and defense.

Although Baghdad does not look with satisfaction to what is happening in Syria and take a position opposed to topple the Baathist regime and تناوئ Syrian opposition, but support Shiite refugee Syrians and the emergence of the voices of some Shiite leaders that chirps out a bevy consensus anti-Assad’s regime appears mobility though veiled within the circles of the community Shiite toward change outlook on what is happening in Syria, especially with the call sign that recently launched Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Iraqi Vice President resigned and leader of the Supreme Council to deal positively with the Syrian opposition after the election Maaz Khatib, head of the National Coalition for the opposition forces and the Syrian revolution.

In this regard, stressed the close of the top Shi’ite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani to support the provision of humanitarian supplies to the Syrian refugees living in refugee camps in Iraq.

Ahmad al-Safi, supported al-Sistani in Karbala in a Friday sermon that was held at the Imam Hussein shrine yesterday that the Supreme religious authority considered to provide the necessary supplies for private Syrian refugees they are suffering from a lack of some Calverh needs blankets and heaters with the approaching winter season.

He pointed Net to provide these supplies for refugees will be through the Anbar Provincial Council, noting that the concerned authorities in Karbala will be covered to go to fraternity refugees in the camps in the existing and lose their stressing that coordination will be with the Anbar Provincial Council to stand really necessary needs experienced by brothers Syrians.

It is noteworthy that the senior government supervising the return of Iraqi refugees from Syria and sheltering displaced Syrians headed by the Department of Immigration and immigrants announced during the previous period it will create a fourth camp in the city of Qaim after increasing number of Syrian refugees who come to Iraq, while allocated 50 billion dinars for relief and help Iraqis returning turn from Syria.

In a related development, chirp, Adel Abdul Mahdi’s former vice president and leader of the Supreme Council, outside the group consensus Shiite refusal to recognize the Syrian opposition and the pro-regime of Bashar al-Assad, calling on the Iraqi government to welcome and deal positively with the National Coalition for the opposition forces and the Syrian revolution.

Mahdi said in a speech disseminated via his personal Facebook that the interest of the two peoples Syrian and Iraqi requires that the rush to welcome and deal positively with the opposition, which has become a reality in the representational Syrian regardless leads to factionalism, ideologies and alignments and a lot of mistakes both parties.

In biting criticism of destinations Iraqi government was repeatedly accusing the opposition of supporting terrorism stressed Abdul Mahdi that terrorism and violence and sectarian acts of guilty to some of the factions is not a reason to condemn the opposition title, and accused Bmhbohiat external speech media must not close our eyes for the Islamic forces and large national comprising the Alparwautaatnaqd positions former Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, with a warning his successor Khudair Khuzaie close to Iran from the arrival of the Syrian opposition to power just days after unite at the Doha meeting, saying that in the ranks of the Syrian opposition hardened terrorists They hold the reins, and their arrival to power means inauguration Taliban New in the region.