Shabibi Qabas: I will return to Baghdad to put points on the characters

And confident sedate work of the Iraqi Central Bank Shabibi Qabas: I will return to Baghdad to put points on the characters

Dr. Sinan Shabibi In his first statement after withdrawing his hand, said Central Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi in a telephone interview with Al Qabas that he will return from Switzerland to Baghdad during the next two days.

And whether the judicial decision may warrant his dismissal from office already, Shabibi said that the decision is withdrawn hands and not sacked. He said «I really want to know after I returned to Baghdad meaning of the phrase pull hand, both legal and administrative, to allow me then to answer all the problems and circumstances relevant to the work’s central bank who served and serve the Iraqi economy, through successes over stability in the price exchange.

To let them know corruption And corruption cases referred to by the parliamentary committee at the central bank, said Shabibi «foremost to know what is corruption? Abizaid and «that the staff central bank starting from the governor rolled out to lower rungs career, all of whom are confident of their work in a professional and scientific sober, I will not hide my concern that such practices and procedures prompted a decline in the proper performance, in light of the changes that happen in the oil market , and it is important we soon come back soon, we are ready to respond to all suspicion or error in an open and transparent, and while the BSA has submitted its report to Parliament, we are in the Central Bank we prepared our spirit scientific and confident, not Artkana irregularities administrative or financial , and of course I do not deny nor confirm the possibility of an employee or two in some errors, but in the practical context of the performance of the bank stress that our good work, and we are confident of integrity and professionalism to serve Iraq.

The beginning of the dispute After this dialogue up with Dr. Shabibi, we deem it necessary to return to the beginning of the dispute between the government and the central bank about eight months ago, and against the backdrop of the government’s budget deficit, under popular pressure to provide services, especially electricity.

The government asked the central bank to withdraw part of the U.S. dollar currency reserves amounting to 60 billion dollars, but the bank rejected the request, saying that the financial reserves are the property of the Iraqi people, and can not be manipulated, but when most of the necessities such as war or blockade. And then I thought about the government appending central bank them, the sense of being under the sway, especially if the constitution was vague about the subordinate bank to the government or the parliament, increasing the dispute between the government and the central, until it was to go to court, Vhsmt Federal Court order in favor of the parliament, and not linked to the bank the government.

Government suffering While the dispute ended – legally – between the government and the central bank, has been the first to suffer from the process of getting money easily.

When asked Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to parliament, days before the law infrastructure, met strong objections on political backgrounds, and therefore has not been voted on until the moment, because of some political forces clash with him.

If the foregoing is a political background to the conflict the government with the central bank and its attempt to shift Shabibi its position, in order to come up with an alternative responds to the demands of the government, the economic background of the subject itself regarding باشتداد embargo on Iran, such as six months, and the beginning of events Syrian, where sales rose CBI hard currency of $ 150 million to half a billion a day, which confused the economic situation, and the surprise of specialists, while try some politicians to exploit this confusion to challenge the policy of the central bank, فاتهموا Bank money-laundering concern caused exit of hard currency from the country, citing sales is unprecedented for the central bank.

Debates In turn, the central bank’s response to it that he does not sell hard currency only for banks and merchants who provide documents proving importation of goods or services.

In response also accused the central bank of what he described Balmaviac backed politically in promoting action on currency smuggling abroad, noting at the same time to the phenomenon of flight capital of Iraq, because of the political situation and security within the country, and the regional situation, including an environment repulsive of capital.

Finally called on parliament to form an investigative committee, joined by judicial bodies such as the Office of Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission, in addition to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and reached the view and no cases of corruption and administrative irregularities involving 15 people from the staff of the Central Bank of varying functional degrees, including conservative Shabibi.

Shabibi in the eyes of specialists Shabibi senior scientist in economics, and is a prominent international figure, was hired by states to extinguish the debt, as income in marathon Mvuadat with creditor countries to extinguish Iraqi debt.

The professors in the Iraqi economy for Qabas confidence Bcbibi, and the nature of his work, and stressed to say: It is a professor for a large number of finance ministers and central bank governors in the Arab countries.

He criticized the watchers and are interested in political affairs step pull hand-Shabibi, at which time he was in Tokyo with Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, the presence of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and described the move as the timing was not right.

They follows: First: The person Shabibi is behind the success of the policy of the Central Bank, and administrative irregularities if they already got, it does not mean Shabibi involvement with corruption, nor does it mean a defect in the policy and performance of the bank. Second: If Makant story confined to the corrupt individuals or offenders, it does not require the withdrawal of by Shabibi بالنحو who was, where the judiciary must take a decision after questioning the man, as it is supposed to be questioned by parliament, as a reference to the bank before withdrawing the hand.