Second round of global smart cards available for all, starting from next week

Company resumed global smart card to card issuing cards after a hiatus of two months, due to the technical modernization.

The Executive Director of the company Thaer Awad, said in a statement today that “the company embarked on Sunday to issue the cards after being stopped for two months because of the modernization process,” he said, adding, “it was the transition from the first to the second generation. “

He pointed out that “branches [of Paradise, Mansour and dignity] started the process of release that version in all branches from the current tenth of April.”

Awad said the “second generation depends iris and hand as well as the fact that the Fingerprints exceeded the problem of weak hand footprint by 90%, as it allows the agent to get a special card that authentic card linked to the same bank account. “

And that “all Iraqis will be able to issue their own cards, even if some were not within the categories covered. “

He pointed out that “the new card include, in addition to salaries range of other services including shopping and a partial withdrawal and money transfer and deposit.

The company global smart card announced in the twenty-fourth of last February about ending preparations for the launch of the second generation of Ki Card, which offers advanced services and works footprint eye.