Private banks would shake the country’s reputation by working with countries subject to UN sanctions

Expert: some private banks would shake the country’s international reputation for its cooperation with the countries subject to UN sanctions

Date: 10/31/2012 10:26:57 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) .. Revealed a banking expert Mohsen Ali about the existence of banks civil works for the benefit of some countries that are subject to economic sanctions international by the United Nations, warning of its impact on the reputation of Iraq’s international.
said Ali (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: There are some private banks working class basis for the benefit of countries which is under siege international economic k (Syria and Iran) in the time that warns when the United Nations all States to cooperate economically with these countries. added: that the continuation of these banks to work for the benefit of countries besieged economically hurt the country in terms of issuing decisions the UN to deploy an international unfair to Iraq, so The government and central bank to impose fines on banks that deal with those countries. noted that the U.S. administration imposed new economic sanctions against banks, one Chinese and the other Iraqis, because Kiemanma conduct financial transactions with huge companies to export Iranian oil. / end / 8. d. Q /