President announces the end of the work of the House of Representatives

In a new reading of the Iraqi constitution enabling President Jalal Talabani of the House of Representatives stripped of any missions only to vote on the laws that sends him all of the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers.

And when you read the letter sent by Talabani to the presidency of the House of Representatives a few days ago shows that the House could not initiate any law but proposes ideas for laws submitted to the executive branch in order to decide on the validity of a law or not.

And confirmed the letter obtained by “tomorrow”, a copy of the House of Representatives to possess the authority to make the bills shall be presented to the executive branch before the vote, and approval.

It also stressed that all laws that support this framework is unconstitutional and not binding on the executive power.

And understand the message that the House has no power any legislation of laws, but its role is limited to only two issues

The first: to provide ideas for laws and do not know the laws are based on ideas or on the country’s need for laws administered by going in through the building and progress, the answer when the President of the Republic.

Second: legitimize the laws sent by the executive branch, which has become here is the legislative authority, and thus the Parliament is a decorative framework to pass laws.

As is clear from the letter that his Iraqi people of great sacrifices in order to hold elections, not only air in the nets, if that parliamentary system installed in the Constitution is a dead letter and that members of the House of Representatives, they have no work only propose ideas of power Executive, which will determine the validity of these ideas.

The letter shows that wrote the Constitution had been emptied of its content, there are clauses in the Constitution repeal that preceded it and therefore its provisions is a vicious circle where Iraq is taking place for a statement of powers between the three branches.

The message appears clearly the real reason for holding the Kurds position of the presidency, and not accepting the post of President of the House of Representatives, because the latter, according to the letter does not have a physical presence but a formality.

Therefore, disable the laws endures the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers, and that those who say otherwise is far from the truth and the Constitution.