Parliamentary Finance Committee: No agreement yet on the budget

Confirmed a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee failure to reach agreement so far between the political blocs on the budget bill for fiscal 2013.

The committee member said Najiba Najib “We in the Finance Committee are only waiting for agreement blocks which still continued in their dialogues and discussions on the applications submitted by the blocks on the budget bill for approval.”

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, “said requests for the Kurdistan Alliance was not included so far any point in the budget law note that it is not impossible or new, but is based on the agreement between the governments of the center and the region in 13 of last September and which have been listed in paragraph (c) of the the provisions of Article I of the budget law. “

The answer to that “disagreement about our applications is that the federal government has guaranteed their rights in the budget and excluded rights province where” indicating that “Baghdad obliges the provincial government to hand over (250) thousand barrels per day and in paragraph (b) of Article I. But not included paying dues Finance for the oil companies operating in Kurdistan, along the lines of the companies operating in the rest of the provinces to be paying dues to companies in the region of the annual financial exuberance “.

She “But we asked to include these entitlements in the budget not on the abundance of financial and that these benefits will go to the oil companies and not to the provincial government, noting that there are requests made by the Iraqi List, up assignments financial provinces and territories did not touch until now answer from the other party with the debates continuing between the blocs about the budget law.

The House of Representatives has postponed its regular Monday and kept it open until the agreement on the final version and make adjustments to the draft law the state budget for 2013, and is still disagreement continues on several points in the budget between the blocs, notably on the proportion of the share of the Kurdistan region.