Parliament postpones adoption of the electoral law to Thursday

Parliament postpones adoption of the electoral law to Thursday


for the House of Representatives once again vote on the election law to the day after tomorrow, Thursday, with extended for a period of one month of the current legislative and voted on the bill and one finished reading the seven laws. comes at a time revealed the Legal Committee of Parliament for the differences on the Law of the election will be decided during the next two days, saying she made ​​a compromise whereby the distribution of compensatory seats or national in the event of the adoption of the constituencies multiple.

said in a statement to the House of Representatives received “morning,” a copy of it, that “the Council was held on Monday, its the 23 headed by the President Parliament Osama Najafi and the presence of 220 deputies, “noting that” the Presidency announced the extension of the current legislative, which will end on the 14th of October next, for a period of one month, and that the Council will continue to work until the vote on the election law.

“The statement added that” the Presidency decided to postpone the vote on the draft law amending the election law, the House of Representatives (16) for the year 2005 report of the Legal Committee, “adding that” the Presidency also decided to postpone the vote on a resolution requiring the Electoral Commission for elections preparations and get ready and start the timetable for operations of House of Representatives election year 2014 relates to the electoral law. For his part, Chairman of the Legal parliamentary Khaled Huani during a press conference held parliament building and attended by “morning” on Monday: The postponement of the vote on the election law to next Thursday, it was in order to find a formula law that meets the aspirations of all components Iraqi people do not come out victorious mass and losing the other.