Opponents of the “al-Maliki” trying to prevent him from running for a third term?!!

Opponents of the “al-Maliki” trying to prevent him from running for a third term?!!


Palm – began a number of political blocs campaign to determine the mandate of Prime Minister to two constituencies in an attempt to prevent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to run for a third term in 2014.

And referred a number of political blocs law of the House of Representatives to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister to two terms only in defiance of the leader knew his skill at maneuvering in the light of changing alliances in Iraq, according to a Reuters news agency.

A member of the legal committee in the parliament, deputy Prince Kanani Sadrist bloc that the draft law was submitted to Parliament in this matter is supported by more than 130 members, he said.

Opponents of al-Maliki needs a simple majority in the House of Representatives consisting of 325 members to approve the bill, but gain this support represents a formidable challenge in a country not known stable political allegiances and suffers from divisions within the parties according to Reuters.

Indeed Vakj political blocs began maneuvering to gain centers before local elections next April Adarka that achieving strong performance in those elections would improve its position in elections Albramanah in 2014.

Maliki’s allies say that this would allow for the negotiation space and exploit the differences between the various factions when discussing identify periods of the state within the parliament.

For his part, MP Abbas al-Bayati, a coalition of law Maliki’s coalition would challenge the draft law of the mandate of the Prime Minister and will resort to court if passed.

He survived Maliki Fbl months of one of the most battles fiercer since the formation of his government before 23 months after the failure of his opponents to rally enough support to withdraw confidence from the government failed Kurdish parties and mass-backed Iraqi Sunnis and even some opponents Maliki within his Shi’ite Alliance in a no-confidence vote from him and since departure of the last U.S. troops Iraq nearly a year ago behaved deadlock efforts of the political blocs to power-sharing and the inability of Parliament for issuing oil and legal investment.