Opponents of Iraqi Prime Minister trying to prevent him from a third term

Opponents of Iraqi Prime Minister trying to prevent him from a third term

Posted 13/11/2012 01:39 PM

BAGHDAD – “Reuters” Sadd Salhi
Opponents began Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s campaign to select periods served as prime minister in an attempt to prevent the Shiite leader of the competition for a third term in 2014, foreshadowing a new battle within the government divided along sectarian lines.

Since the last U.S. troops left Iraq nearly a year ago behaved deadlock efforts Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to power-sharing and the inability of Parliament to issue a legal important oil and investment.

Kurdish parties did not succeed and the US-backed Iraqi bloc of the year and even some of Maliki’s opponents within the Shiite coalition earlier this year in a vote of no-confidence from the Prime Minister, who accuse him of promoting his power at their expense.

And referred the same factions of the parliament a law proposal to shorten the mandate of Prime Minister to two terms in defiance of the leader knows his skill at maneuvering in the light of changing alliances in Iraq.

Prince Kanani said a member of parliament from the Sadrist bloc and member of the Legal Committee that the proposed law was referred to parliament Ataaad more than 130 members.

Opponents of al-Maliki needs a simple majority in the House of Representatives consisting of 325 members to approve the law. But gain this support represents a formidable challenge in a country not known stable political allegiances and suffers from a split within the party.

Indeed political blocs began maneuvering to gain centers before local elections in April Adarka that achieving a strong performance in those elections would improve its position in the national elections in 2014.

Maliki’s allies say that this would allow space for negotiation and exploit the differences between the various factions when discussing identify periods of the state within the parliament. Still Maliki’s Shiite coalition holds the largest number of seats in parliament.

He said Abbas al-Bayati, a member of parliament for the coalition of state law, led by al-Maliki said the coalition would challenge the bill from the beginning and he will pursue the court if it is passed.

Maliki survived in April of one of the most ferocious battles since the formation of his government 23 months ago after opponents failed to rally enough support to withdraw confidence from the government.

And his allies said he would try to split the supporters to determine the periods of his mandate to amend the law to include other positions such as prime minister of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and occupied by Massoud Barzani, a Kurd, and Parliament Speaker and occupied by Osama Nujaifi, a Sunni from the Iraqi bloc.