Omar Al-Juburi: article “140” is no longer valid to resolve issues in the disputed areas

Baghdad (newsletter) … The MP stressed/Iraqi/coalition Omar Al-Juburi, that article “140″ is no longer valid to resolve issues that were supposed to be addressed by the “disputed areas” for lost time.

In a statement, said Al-Juburi (News Agency news) on Wednesday that the Iraqi Constitution expressly about the security dossier of exclusive federal authorities have said the country’s national security policy, including the establishment and management of armed forces.

Confirmed: no eligibility for provincial or territory may challenge any procedure for the formation and intended armament and proliferation and to exercise their powers.

Iraqi Deputy drew, that article “140″ is no longer valid to resolve issues that have been dealt with by the constitutional limit of loss under the Constitution, adding: that this article is not to Shi tvkid and may not be relied upon to resolve problems, there are other provisions in the Constitution that could be relied upon that ensure the unity of the country.

And in the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil differences culminated after the formation of Tigris operations in disputed areas, refuses to Kurdistan and prepare “provocative”, and led to clashes between federal police and two “forces” in Tuz khurmatu, Salah al-Din governorate resulted in casualties and killed the people