Oil: Iraq sets the prices of its exports and according to the international market

Oil: Iraq sets the prices of its exports and according to the international market

The time on Sunday, 31 March / March 2013 09:02

Baghdad / Orr News

Oil Ministry denied Control OPEC pricing oil in Iraq, asserting that producing countries are determined by oil prices, according to world prices.

The ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said “determine oil prices in the exporting countries or produced are from the state itself,” and added that “there is a committee based pricing oil in the country after the follow-up of the oil market with the presence of Oil Minister and Inspector General at the ministry as well as officials in the marketing and circle planning and follow-up is then determine oil prices, which will be put to the global market and this after taking into account the global oil prices in addition to the prices set according to market supply and demand. ”

He denied that “control OPEC set the price of oil in Iraq or in any producing country or internalized in this organization,” stressing that “the organization comprises of Petroleum Exporting Countries and there is coordination on foreign policy to members of the organization and the quantities that must be produced for each state, but does not interfere determine prices oil. ”

He was a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Susan Saad has said that Iraq can not be controlled by exporting oil prices internationally. She said that “the only OPEC international organization that controls oil prices and in accordance with the exporting and importing countries,” pointing out that “the rise in Iraqi oil production can not control the prices of oil exporting they will not rise for the required to obtain a control center to oil prices.”