Oil Committee member: clash of powers between Baghdad and Erbil to make adoption of the oil law is “elusive

Baghdad (newsletter) … Member of the Committee noted the oil and energy/National Alliance Deputy/Baha-ud-Din, the difficulty of reaching a definitive solution to the oil and gas Act legislation as a result, a conflict the Federal Government and the territorial Government on taking more powers over oil. Said Gamal El-Din (News Agency news) Tuesday: the law of oil and gas development since 2007 and did not vote because of political differences between the territorial Government and the Federal Government.

He added: that all the differences that caused the non oil and gas Act legislation concerning the distribution of powers between the Centre and the region, each of which wants to put the control of political powers.

He said that resolving the conflict of competences between the territory and the Centre will facilitate the enactment of oil and gas, not enough parties agreement on payment of companies operating in the territory and raise oil export volumes.