Obama prevents the transfer of weapons to Iraqi Kurds to fight Daash

Obama prevents the transfer of weapons to Iraqi Kurds to fight Daash

GMT 9:30 2015 Thursday, July 2nd

Obama prevents the transfer of weapons to Iraqi Kurds to fight DaashStressed allies of the United States of America, they are ready to provide assistance to the Kurds, having stood Washington generally attempts by the allies, to arm them directly and not through the Baghdad government.

London: United States broke off the road on multiple attempts, made ​​an ally for the transfer of heavy weapons directly to the Kurds, who are fighting organization Daash in Iraq “Daash” and not by the government in Baghdad countries, as informed sources revealed.
They accuse these countries, which is one of the closest allies of the United States President Barack Obama and other Western leaders, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, not to show the spirit of initiative and leadership expected of them, in the face of the most serious security crisis facing the world for decades.
He said US allies that they are now prepared to move on their own to extend Iraqi Kurds with heavy weapons directly, even if that means ignoring the Iraqi government and its supporters Americans who are demanding that pass all the weapons from the road to Baghdad, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper said that senior officials in the Gulf and other countries, have revealed that all attempts to persuade Obama of the need to arm the Kurds directly as part of a broader plan to address the Daash, failed.
Officials said they are now looking for other ways to fight a confrontation with Daash, without seeking the approval of the United States first.
A senior Arab official told The Daily Telegraph, “if the Americans and the West was not ready to do anything serious about defeating Daash, we’ll have to find new ways to deal with the threat.” The official said that “Daash making progress all the time and we simply can not wait to wake up to the gravity of the Washington threat we face.”

Anger allies
The United States angered its allies, especially in the Gulf countries on their way in the air campaign against Daash management in a manner apparently at random and ineffective. She said other countries members of the international coalition against Daash, the aircraft has set clear objectives for the sites Daash and gunmen, but the United States prevented the hit.
A senior Gulf official told the Daily Telegraph, that there is not a strategic view, but “there is a lack of coordination in the choice of targets, and there is no comprehensive plan to defeat Daash.”

Lack of reinforcement
Iraqi Kurds complain of a lack of armament, noting that the Iraqi army had left millions of dollars worth of weapons and fled in front of Daash, and that the militants are using these Daash modern American weapons against the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which are still fighting the Soviet-vintage equipment.
The European countries have spent millions to buy weapons in order to send it to the Peshmerga forces, but US military commanders who run the international coalition operations against Daash, preventing the transfer of these weapons, according to The Daily Telegraph.