not clear when we’ll meet again for oil and gas law, says parliamentary committee

ERBIL, July 31 (AKnews) – A member of Iraq’s parliamentary oil and gas committee announced that members do not know when the committee and legal committee will meet to choose one of the three draft oil and gas laws sent to parliament.   Farhad Atrushi said: “There was a suggestion for the oil and gas and legal committees to hold a meeting on Wednesday to choose one of the three oil and gas drafts but the meeting was postponed and we don’t know when we will meet to start a discussion about the draft.   “There is nothing new about the oil draft. If we hold a meeting it doesn’t mean that we are going to approve it. The draft law discussion will take more than a meeting.”   There was a suggestion for the oil and gas committee to meet Iraq’s Oil Minister Abdul Karim Luabi. The meeting was canceled because of the minister’s busy schedule.   The first draft law was submitted in 2007 but due to political disputes the draft was left unapproved.   The oil and gas committee sent the second draft to parliament. Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussein al-Shahrstani submitted the last draft in 2011.