News about the return of U.S. troops to Iraq

News about the return of U.S. troops to Iraq and orders Bthrkha about Fallujah?!!


Palm – Sources familiar and reliable that more than 200 American contractor representing Vanguards U.S. troops have arrived in Baghdad and took the Muthanna airport downtown temporarily based its pending completion of many U.S. troops are scheduled to of up to more than 1000 thousand troops respectively.

The sources said that the U.S. troops headed to Fallujah after the recent events and the receipt of information indicating the presence of extensive al-Qaeda in the city and expects to source to be calling these forces linked military operation unexpected against Fallujah after addressing civil disobedience turned into a military clash with Iraqi forces, which announced its withdrawal from the city . has reported consecutive citing sources and witnesses decline in the number of U.S. military cargo planes from Hercules 130 C in two lion western Iraq and (Aloyr House) near Baquba, east of Baghdad.

In a related development, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, all the political parties in the country to the dialogue table, and warned at the same time, which he called “devastating affliction shaving” rears its head on Iraq. This comes at a time of continuing demonstrations condemning-Maliki in different policy areas.

And crossed the security and defense committee, expressed concern penetration of terrorist organizations armed in the ranks of the demonstrators in the western provinces, likely government intervention to protect the security and sovereignty of Iraq, where seven people were killed demonstrators and wounded 58 others Friday in a shooting during clashes between security forces and demonstrators protesting against the government’s policies.