New York Times: Bush announces his opposition to lifting sanctions on Iran

New York Times: Bush announces his opposition to lifting sanctions on Iran

Posted 30/04/2015 12:34 PM

New York Times - Bush announces his opposition to lifting sanctions on Iran“New York Times” published a report on the comments of former US President George W. Bush, during a meeting with hundreds of Jewish donors, where he said that America should fulfill what he promised, and not to lift the sanctions on Iran.

And transmits the report, Bush as saying the seven hundred donor during the spring meeting of the closed Republican Jewish coalition, he did not want to criticize President Obama, who is seeking to weaken and ultimately eliminate the “state regulation”, which was applauding him. But the former president may be made to suspend the audience saw in cash to his successor.

The daily reminds that President Bush expressed his dissatisfaction with the Obama administration to seek access to nuclear deal with Iran. Although Bush is started diplomatic efforts to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear program, it questioned the wisdom of lifting sanctions on Tehran, in a time when the Islamic government began to crumble, so that the United States risks losing influence if they lifted sanctions.

The report points out that the former president has shown in an atmosphere of frankness his opinion both Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin, also spoke of his delight granddaughter, and touched on the difficulties faced by the pocket when his younger brother would run for the elections in 2016, because of his family name. Has contacted 12 people who attended the meeting, the newspaper “New York Times” to transfer what he said the former president during that meeting.

The newspaper found that Bush’s war in Iraq was not highly popular support, which fueled the Obama presidential campaign in 2008, and according to his critics, those war has caused chaos in the Middle East, but Bush’s comments show that he is still convinced the validity of his approach and firmness shown by the front world.

The report points out that he cited the words of Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina presidential candidate
Obama criticized when possible, saying: “It was getting out of Iraq folly strategy.”

Bush said that he is to attend the road when he found justification for it, and stressed that when America leads the “must mean what it says,” and that he should know where America’s allies and foes of US President stands. Attendance in this comment saw criticism of Obama’s empty threats to the Syrian regime, about passing the red lines and the use of chemical weapons, according to the newspaper.